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Welcome to Assam Journal - one of the leading online information portal of Assam and Northeast. You can contact us for any query, suggestions, feedback, business deals or other purposes which is suitable and relevant to this websites niche by using the contact form placed below. We will try our best to respond to the message submitted by you at the earliest as soon as we come online and receive them. However, we do not guarantee to reply back to each and every query submitted through this form and the same will depend on how relevant is the query sent to us and how important it is for us to reply.

Here, we would like to bring to your notice that we respect the privacy concerns of all our readers and hence we can assure you that none of the information submitted through this form would be disclosed off or sold, distributed to any other third party. We do however keep the data stored in our database for some limited period of time to keep track of daily activities and proper administration of the site but eventually we remove them after specific period of time.

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Note: All the fields in the above form are mandatory and must be duly filled if you want us to consider reading them. We have not enforced any compulsory validation rules into them keeping in view of the fact that some of you may not have a personal Email Account ready to mention here. This should however not be taken as a necessary reason to skip any of the above input fields and the same is meant for some exceptional cases only. Please note that spamming is strictly prohibited and we won't tolerate any such activities here in Assam Journal and strict actions will be taken against anyone found guilty.