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Assamese Movie Bakor Putek - A feature film by Chandra Mudoi and Amal Barua

The recently released Assamese Movie Bakor Putek has managed to succeed in entertaining the audience with good story and excellent performance and people who watched it on the big screen had shared positive feedback about it. Directed by Chandra Mudoi and produced by Amal Barua, this feature film was premiered on 1st March and released on 2nd March 2012. The story is all about the prevalence of superstitions in rural areas of Assam and its impact on the lives of the common people. It also reflects the picture of other social evils like rationalism and blind beliefs that are still practiced in the rural society.

Assamese Feature Film

The feature film Bakor Putek is released throughout the state in around 30 cinema halls simultaneously. The shooting of most of the scenes was done in the remote locations of Morigaon and nearby areas. Akashdeep (Puwal) and Angurlata (Padma) are on the lead roles while the different actors playing other important characters in the the film are Raag Oinitom, Amal Barua, Manika Das, Hemen Kakoti, Susheela Konwar, Ajit Nath and many others including two child artistes Samiran Barua and Simanta Thakuria. For the first time in Assamese Cinema, Steady Cam is used to capture the scenes along with Red Camera which are handled by Mumbai based experts Bedanta Chamoa and Satya Prakash Routh respectively. Editing is done by Pranjal Kashyap at Jyoti Chitraban whereas other important members in the production team of Bakor Putek are Manish Das as Chief Assistant Director, Nayan Medhi & Dibyajyoti as Asstt. Directors, Uday Shankar as Choreographer, Jyotishankar Bhattacharjya in Art Direction and Costumes by Manika Barua to name a few of them.

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The title of the film depicts two words 'Bakor' and 'Putek' where a Bak represents an evil spirit fond of fish that resides in the water and often comes to the surface to attack the humans. In this feature film, Puwal who is the husband of Padma is thought to be a Bak and both of them are ill-treated and tortured by the public. No spoilers intended, the story continues with the struggle of the couple and the story unfolds as a tense psychological thriller. Both Akashdeep & Angurlata were assigned the roles that was equally interesting and challenging but they came off well and their performance was highly applauded by the audience.

The music of Bakor Putek is also good and the song titles are rendered by noted singers like Zubin Garg, Priyanka Bharali and Tarali Sarma. The music is given by Chanra Mudoi and Dr Hitesh Barua while Ajay Phukan is the Assistant Music Director. Overall, this is a very good movie to watch and we recommend this to all the people out there. Have a good time watching it on the cinema halls and do come back to share your feedback with us by commenting below.