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Online Assamese Novel Xopun Jibonor - First Fortnightly Assamese e-Novel launched

Xopun Jibonor - an online Assamese novel was recently unveiled and the first episode of the said e-novel got published and made available for online reading. It is claimed to be the first online novel in Assamese language but there is no reliable citation to the fact. However, it is indeed the first of its kind that we have come across so far on the web and it did impress us a lot on the first preview. Needless to say, it is a great attempt on part of the author to introduce his writing in electronic format such that more and more people can have access to it.

In an era where high-end smartphones and tablet devices has dominated the gadget market, more and more people using such devices prefers to stay online and make use of the latest technology to accomplish all their important task at home or office. The concept of bringing forward this online assamese novel can also be very useful in this regard as it will allow all the busy individuals to easily go through the various chapters or contents of the e-book at their leisure time or as per their convenience using any web enabled computer or portable device. It is simply not an assumption but an established fact that working people find it useful to access daily news using the online assamese newspapers or what is generally called the e-papers. In the same way, people who find less time for reading books can be benefited through such internet versions of novels and books to enjoy reading online.

You can read the contents of Xopun Jibanor from its official website that can be accessed from its TLD at which will be updated with new episodes after every 15 days. The website is presented with a neat interface and a colorful background that will surely make the visitors stick on to explore the contents available therein. The online reading of the episodes are made available using JQuery Easing script and a Lightbox style effect with navigational thumbnails to the various pages. You will also find a Facebook comment form embedded below the homepage for the readers to share their comments and feedback and also to interact with the author.

The author of Xopun Jibanor is Mr Manoj Kr. Deka who is the General Manager (Business Development & PR) of Hayat Hospital of Guwahati, Assam. The primary aim of publishing his serialized fortnightly Assamese e-Novel is to provide a platform to offer easy accessibility to the young generation who has interest in reading but has no time or convenience to do so. According to him, he hopes that Xopun Jibanor would turn out to be a novel as he keeps writing and adding new episodes eventually and that he simply wishes to keep sharing his thoughts about people, feelings, love and trust.

This Assamese Online Novel is indeed a very good new year gift to all the enthusiast readers of Assamese Literature. We highly recommend you to visit their website and go through the contents provided in Xopun Jibonor.