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Makar Sankranti festival in Assam - Places to visit in Assam during Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is also celebrated in Assam in full spirit along with all other places in India. Although, there are different forms in which this festival is celebrated in different parts of the country but there are also some similarities that can be easily distinguished. People observe this festival due to many beliefs of cultural significance prevailing among different groups of people.

In Assam, Makar Sankranti is celebrated as the Magh Bihu that follows just a day after the Uruka feast. During this festival, people used to take bath or 'Snan' in the morning on 15th January every year and then lit fire to the 'Meji' prepared with bamboo, thatch or dry leaves. There are many other traditions being followed by people on that day such as throwing rice cakes (also known as Pithas) to the Meji fire and offering prayers to mark the end of the harvesting year.

Devotees and pilgrims from various places like Dhubri, Barpeta, Nagaon, Kamrup etc in Assam and far-away places of neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan are seen to rush to the Parashuram Kund of Tezu to take holy bath during the Makar Sankranti as it is believed as 'Punya' or virtuous deed. During this time, a mela is also organized which turns out as a 7-day long event and the region remains crowded with lot of visitors as well as local people of the region.

There are various places of interest in Assam where you can visit on the occasion of Makar Sankranti and we are here to share the name of few such places with our readers. Although people in all places of the state enjoy and celebrate the festival, we have listed only few places which are highly recommended by all on such a special occasion and is thereby provided here for your reference.

To start with, we cannot really proceed without naming the Hayagriba Madhava Temple of Hajo as it is considered as the must-visit destination during Makar Sankranti festival in Assam. The real attraction on that day is that of the bird fights of red-vented bulbuls against token prize offered by the trust of the temple. Doul Govinda Temple in North Guwahati is also another destination that you can visit during mid January as people celebrate this festival with lot of enthusiasm here. Some more temples in and around Guwahati which remains busy during this occasion are Kamakhya temple, Balaji temple, Umananda Temple etc.

We would like take this occasion to wish all people a very Happy Magh Bihu, Bhogali Bihu and Makar Sankranti. Do share your thoughts and ideas with us regarding your experience during this festival season by commenting below.