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Picnic spots in Assam - List of some popular Picnic destination in Assam

Making choice has always been a difficult job for many people and they seem to seek suggestions and help from friends and other resources elsewhere. One common question that often arises among the people who are planning to go for a Picnic in Assam is that of selecting a good place for the purpose. Needless to say that there are a number of Picnic spots in Assam and it is all about finding the right spot which meets the convenience and satisfies your expectations.

While choosing a good picnic destination in Assam and its nearby places, you need to consider few things depending on what kind of people will be forming the intended group - will it be simply of young guys or accompanied by both elders and other age group of people. You also need to consider the distance of travel, facility available on the destination and various other things so as to make the outdoor party enjoyable, comfortable and worthy to be cherished later.

Popular Picnic Spots in Assam & Nearby Places

So, here is a list of few popular places in Assam which always remains crowded by people from distant places in the state whenever the picnic season arrives. We are listing the name of these places only as a reference so that you can find it useful to refresh your memory and recall the names of the destination available. These are not the ultimate list but a few suggestions to intended parties.

  • Aaithan: This is one place which has become more like a tradition for the people residing in and around Dibrugarh to visit on special occasions for picnic. It is a sacred place which is situated at the bank of the river Brahmaputra. People come here to worship the Black Goddess also known as the 'Koli Ai Thaan' in Assamese dialect. Even though it is visited by people for religious purpose and beliefs, it also remains busy with people thronging the area in groups from distant places to enjoy picnic parties mostly during the Christmas and New Year Celebrations.
  • Bogibill: This is another place which is often selected for picnic and mostly people from nearby places of Dibrugarh come here for outdoor celebration during the winter season. It is situated at Dibrugarh around the bank of the river Brahmaputra. Among the most common domains of visitors to this place includes students of various schools and colleges. The local people also come here in flocks to enjoy a feast together.
  • Choraideo: Be it an excursion or a picnic in Assam, the choice of visiting Choraideo will always find its place. It is located in the historic Sivasagar district of Assam which is popular for the historic monuments and the large Maidam of the Ahoms. The scenic beauty and lush green fields are some of the key factors which attracts people there.
  • Disang-Mukh: Considered to be a popular destination for tourists, it also serves the purpose of a busy picnic spot in Assam. As the name already suggest, it means the Mouth of the Disang river which is a tributary stream of river Brahmaputra. This is mostly a place inhabited by the Mishing tribes and is known to be full of natural and scenic view.
  • Akakhi Ganga: It is located in the Nagaon District which is approximately 55km away from the main town. Many people may not know, but there is a waterfall of considerably lofty height which is known as the Aakashi Ganga Waterfall. It is a holy place as well as an important archaeological site. It is a beautiful place that attracts a lot of picnic enthusiasts of the state. People also enjoy the view of the elephants that roams freely within the region surrounded by lush green environment.

In addition to all these places, there are many more names that can be included and there will be a long list of such picnic spots in Assam if we continue to pen down all of them here. Bhalukpung along the Jia Bharali river, Dilli Ghat in Namrup, Kaziranga, Mou-Chapori, Bor Xil, Kaliabhomora and many other locations can be mentioned as regular destinations for picnic lovers.

Even though places really does not matter much when people go out in groups to celebrate and have feast on outdoors, but it may turn out to be an added excitement and contentment if the area is full of scenic view, calmness and healthy environment. Since suggesting such places depends more on an individuals personal experiences rather than a well established fact, we leave this to our readers to comment below and share your experience regarding your picnic experience in Assam. By doing so you will not only be suggesting others some good places to visit but also get their ideas and avail it for your own.