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Jaaraz - The Bastard | Upcoming Assamese film Release Date, Star Cast & Overview

Recently, we have noticed that most of the people residing in and out of Assam has expressed their desire to watch a good Assamese Film and this was quite evident from the number of people searching for resources on the web to download Assamese movies online. We have also come across few comments in social networking sites where users commented that they wanted to watch a good Assamese Film but do not know which one to look after.

Where some individuals were of the view that there are no good films in Assamese, few others complained that even if there were any such good movie they are hardly aware of any such existence. We have therefore laid an attempt to list out the names of all existing and upcoming feature films in Assamese in as much as possible and have been adding new entries in regular intervals.

One new Assamese movie which is about to be released soon is Jaaraz - The Bastard. You can look at the poster above to have an idea about the presentation of the theme story. However, it does not reflect much and cannot give you any helpful insight about the story except few assumptions that you can make by considering the name of the feature film and some caps visible below.

Anyway, we don't really intend to raise the curtain now as it would be much of a spoiler to the audience and may ruin the real entertainment while watching it on big screens. So what we are going to share here is only some basic information regarding the making of the Assamese film Jaaraz - The Bastard

Star Cast and Crew members of Jaaraz

The star cast of this movie includes mostly new artist but a few of the experienced and old popular actors are also playing some key roles. Having said that, let me inform that these popular Assamese actors are none other than Biju Phukan and Nipon Goswami who needs no special introduction as anyone familiar with the Film Industry of Assam and movies released so far will definitely know and admire these two evergreen actors. They will be accompanied by Amitabh Rajkhowa, Kukhal Gogoi, Keshob Ujjal, Rahul & Pronami Bora.

In the above picture, you can see the Cameraman of Jaaraz who is Suraj along with the Director of the feature film Dadumoni Borah and Assistant Director Mitali Das. There are also two more Asstt. Directors who are Avijit and Sunil (also working as Choreographer). K.G.Parvin from Chennai is also working as a Cameraman. The Screenplay and story is written by Dadumoni Borah and Jadumoni Dutta while it is co-produced by Vikash Poddar and Ganesh Das.

Release date of Jaaraz - The Bastard

Well, it is difficult to say as there is no precise information from the production team of the film regarding the release date. However, around 80% of the project should have been completed by now and in that context we can expect the release to happen somewhere within the January-February 2012 time frame.

We would keep our readers informed whenever we have any new update to share and you can expect other details like video trailer of Jaaraz, music and online streaming links of the Assamese Feature Film Jaaraz etc to be published soon. We would love to hear your views regarding this upcoming film and would therefore request you to share your thoughts and expectation with us.