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Assam HSLC Exam 2012 Routine Announced - Download Assam HSLC 2012 Timetable

The Assam HSLC Exam 2012 Routine is announced and is available for download. There were many changes which were recently announced along with the dates of the upcoming High School Leaving Certificate Exam 2012 in Assam and we have reported this few days back in an article. Now this is a followup article to provide more details about the matriculation examination to be held in 2012. The Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) Assam has provided the detailed exam programme which is listed in the following table:-

Assam HSLC Examination 2012 Timetable
23/02/2012Manipuri, Bodo, Santali
25/02/2012MIL, English 3
28/02/2012General Mathematics
29/02/2012Fine Arts
03/03/2012Social Science
06/03/2012Hindi 4, Arabic Literature
10/03/2012General Science
12/03/2012Fiqh and Aqaid, Music, Dance, Computer Science, Wood Craft, Textile Design and Clothing/Cloth Craft, Cane and Bamboo Technology/Cane and Bamboo Works
13/03/2012Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Advanced Mathematics, History/Advanced History, Geography/Advanced Geography, Agriculture, Home Science
14/03/2012Garment Designing / Needle Work & Tailoring
15/03/2012Practical Examination of Fine Art
16/03/2012Practical Examinations of the subjects Garment Designing/Needle Work & Tailoring, Wood Craft, Textile Design and Clothing /Cloth Craft, Cane and Bamboo Technology/Cane and Bamboo Works, Music , Dance, Computer Science, Home Science and Agriculture at selected centres
17/03/2012Practical Examination will be continued for Computer Science, Dance and Music if necessary
Morning: 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

As we have already mentioned in our previous article that in 2012, HSLC Exam in Assam will be conducted only in the morning session and therefore the timings of the each subject remains the same as mentioned above. There will be an additional extra time for reading the question papers before answering to them and the time period allotted for this purpose is set as 08:50-09:00 AM. Therefore, the set of question papers will be distributed among the students accordingly to facilitate the extra time. Moreover, there will be only one question paper for both the new and old course and the same will not carry any contents from the 2006-07 of MIL (Assamese and Bengali). As such, candidates who were unsuccessful during 2006-07 will now need to appear as 'Private' under the Old Course.

Now looking at the Assam HSLC Programme 2012, it can be said that there is a balanced gap between each subjects and therefore providing enough time for the students to revise their subject matter and give a final touch to their preparation for the matric exam. The students will be able to avail three hours for each subject to answer the questions except few subjects belonging to the Elective Languages paper which will be allotted only two hours each.

The candidates of Assam High Madrassa (AHM) 2012 exam will have a separate question paper carrying 50 marks for the language subjects such as Assamese, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu MIL. The Fine Arts students can sit in the practical examination on the same centre where they will be appearing in the theory exam and no separate venue will be provided. This is because the Fine Arts Practical consist of 60 marks drawing based examination only.

Some new Rules and Changes in HSLC 2012 in Assam
Apart from the timings of the exam we mentioned earlier, some other changes includes the internal assessment marks for General Mathematics and English which would now carry 20 marks instead of 10. The Geography Practical Examination is also replaced by Internal Assessment marks of 20 like other subjects which would be determined by the Schools and Madrassa.

Download Assam HSLC Exam 2012 Programme
We understand that the candidates will be looking for the soft copy of the exam routine so that they can print it and keep it for themselves. We have therefore provided the download links of the official exam programme in the form of PDF Document which can be accessed from any computer with the use of compatible software. The download attachment is given below in the form of hyperlinks:-

Download HSLC/AHM Examination, 2012 Programme

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