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Nishita Goswami married to Sayan Chakravarty - View marriage photos

Beautiful and talented Assamese actress Nishita Goswami got married on 21st November 2011 to a computer engineer from Shillong who is known as Sayan Chakravarty. They were both good friends (or family friends) and were known to each other since the past nine years. When asked to Nishita about Sayan, she said that it was his sweet, gentle, composed and calm nature that attracted her to him and finally she found the man of her dreams. She further added that it was not exactly a love marriage but rather insisted to call it an arranged-cum-loved marriage as both of them fell in love with each other only after their families started discussing about their marriage and asked them about it.

The juroon ceremony was held in Silpukhuri Kali Mandir on Monday morning in the presence of her parents Mr Pradip Goswami and Mrs Malaya Goswami and almost all other family members from both sides. The marriage took place at evening according to the Vedic rituals in the Nabagraha Temple as has been reported by the local media. She was dressed in her bridal-wear which included a white Pator Mekhela Sador that made her look like a beautiful 'Asomiya Kaina' in her real life as opposed to many such roles that she played on the screen.

Sayan remarked that it was Nishita's colorful, vivacious and enthusiastic personality that attracted him to her. Nishita seemed to be very excited to play a new real life role and step forward with her married life. She said that being a Bengali Buwari (daughter-in-law), she will look forward to learn the Bengali cuisine and recipes from her mother-in-law who is an expert cook. Nishita said that she was always interested in cooking and working in the kitchen but her culinary skills were restricted to preparing only the Assamese dishes including few others.

Nishita Goswami will be living with her husband and in-laws and will be shifting to Shillong. Despite this, she told that her career as an actress will not suffer and that she will continue with her profession in Guwahati and Calcutta. She said that her in-laws are supportive and have no objection with her profession. Jit Bhumi, the house of her in-laws where she would now be residing is their ancestral property and is one of the place where Rabindranath Tagore once stayed there and composed the 'Rakta Karabi'. Sayan had worked as an engineer in many companies after completing his engineering degree from Pune but finally decided to return to Shillong to settle there and take up his family business. Talking to the media, she said that it was love for her hubby that she wore heels to match the height of Sayan who is 6ft tall while she is only 5 feet and 2 inches.

Congratulations on your marriage. Our entire team at Assam Journal would like to wish Sayan and Nishita a very happy and successful married life together!!