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News Live Assam - Watch Assamese News online by streaming in Computer or Mobile

News Live Assam is one of those TV Channels from the state which is viewed by the people on large numbers daily. Not only this, whenever any breaking news is being flashed about any events or incidents in the region, News Live is the first choice for the people in and outside the region to have an update on the issue in details with live coverage and detailed reporting. This 24-hours satellite channel or in other words an Infotainment Channel has gained a lot of popularity in the recent days and the availability of various options to view it through offline or online methods is of great advantage and convenience which to a significant extent meets the satisfaction of all domains of people.

In this article we are intending to inform about the possible methods which can be used to stream live telecast of News Live Assam in their internet connected computer or portable handheld device like mobile phones, tablet computers etc. while also having the options to watch it offline via DTH or Cable Connection.

News Live Assam Online Streaming in Computer

If you are connected to internet using your Desktop Computer or a Laptop, you are at a few clicks distance to watch the Assamese TV Channel online and the only requirements that should be fulfilled is that of having a decent and considerable download/ upload speed against your active data connection and a compatible browser like Chrome or Firefox installed with necessary plugins to run flash videos. News Live TV Channel Assam is offering live streaming of its telecast via an embedded flash player powered by Web Live TV from WebMobiLive and can be viewed though its official website.

NewsLive Assam Online Streaming in Computers

Watch News Live Assam in Mobile Phones

Now-a-days many people are using latest smartphones in the likes of Apple iPhone, Google Android or Blackberry which offers latest technology support to extend its utility to perform more tasks in addition to all those regular calling and messaging activities. If you using any such device, then you can easily stream the contents using the News Live Mobile Live TV. To enable this feature, you have to click on the link given below from a compatible device.

Watch NewsLive on iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Watch News Live on iPhone/iPad/iTouch (HQ)

Apple products are very popular among the people worldwide and many people are using it for regular use as a phone, mini-computer as well as media player for entertainment. To offer high quality online streaming of the infotainment channel in such device, a separate service is being offered which can be used instead of the second option mentioned above. It is currently in beta stage and is compatible to Apple products only as described by the service provider. You can find the access link as mentioned below to avail the streaming service:-

NewsLive Assam on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Besides these online methods, it is easily available offline through cable connection and has also been added to DishTV. As of now, it can be viewed on DishTV via Channel No.853 and is accessible throughout the country.