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Janasadharan Assamese Newspaper Online Edition - Free access to latest Assamese news

Online Assamese Newspapers have become very popular in the recent days and people of Assam as well as those who resides outside the state are regularly visiting the internet editions of the popular Assamese daily. Among all others, Janasadharan is one such online Assamese newspaper which has been very impressive over the days and has done an excellent job in providing a good user interface for the readers and ofcourse accurate and timely news reporting.

It was first published around eight years back, i.e. from 2003 onward and has since then established itself as a prominent and reliable daily newspaper of Assam. The editor of Janasadharan as on 2011 is Dr. Sivanath Barman, a retired physics professor and renowned Assamese scholar. It started off with the view to highlight the problems and prospects of the region and accordingly provide illustrated views and multiplicity of perspectives in each of their articles.

Online Janasadharan Assamese Daily Newspaper

The internet edition is provided in two versions - one from Dibrugarh and the other from Guwahati. It is presented with exactly the same details and layout as offered in the paper publication and hence provides the same look and feel while going through its contents. The screenshot attached below represents the frontpage of the internet edition which is accessible from the links embedded below:-


The online website of Janasadharan is being powered by popular digital publishing platform named 'Issuu'. This service is used by many reputed magazines and news publications worldwide and has a good repute in the market. The best part of its service is that the contents of the digital newspapers or magazines are distinctly readable and offers good zooming and navigation tools to go through all the contents provided therein. Janasadharan has been using it in their online portal and this is one of their best advantage as it enhances the user experience. Moreover, it is fast to load and offers paper effect on the page leaf.

This newspaper consists of 12 pages in average and is priced at Rs.5/- per copy for the paper version. But viewing it online is absolutely free as of now and hence it is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events taking place in the region. Now-a-days as mobile internet has become widely available and affordable to the general public, more and more people spend their leisure time online and therefore digitization of paper publications is in high demand.

We have found nothing wrong with the services provided by this Assamese newspaper in the world wide web and hence would like to recommend this to everyone out there. Do visit Janasadharan website for latest regional & national news and share your experience with us by using the comment form below.