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Basistha Temple in Guwahati – How to reach Vasishtha Temple (Ashram) Assam

The Basistha Temple which is also known as Basistha Ashram is located in Beltola area in Guwahati, Assam and is recognized to be a major tourist place in the city which attracts a large number of visitors to this region. The Guwahati city is also known as a Temple City where a number of temples are situated and among them the Basistha Ashram is one of the famous and historical temple erected by an Ahom king named as Rajeswar Singha. The temple (Ashram) is located in the bank of the river Basistha and the natural and scenic beauty of the upstream of the river is a primary attraction of the Ashram.

By the name Basistha Ashram (or 'Vasishtha Ashram'), it is considered to be the hermitage of the legendary sage Basistha. It is in 14 kilometer away from the centre point of the city. The temple is an ideal scenic spot for the pilgrimage and very popular among the city-dwellers. The temple got a huge number of visitors and tourists locally & from outside the region on daily basis.

The famous Ahom king Rajeswar Singha constructed this temple in between the year 1751-1769. The temple and the location is endowed by the terracotta and stone sculptures which can be seen in the premises of the temple and the nearby hills and stones. The temple is related with the great Maharshi Basistha of the Hindu Epic Ramayana who brought an end to his life in that very place where the present temple is now located. The place where the body of the sage took eternal rest attracts the visitors and tourists who comes there to worship him. There are many sculptures which can be seen in the place as well as by the side of the tri-juncture of the hill streams i.e. Sandhya, Lalita and Kanta.

How to reach Basistha Temple, Guwahati

The transportation system which can be availed in the Guwahati city is considerably good to reach the Basistha Temple or Ashram. The various bus routes which can be followed to reach the temple area are as follows :—
  • The City Bus No. 1 that operates from Adabari to Basistha via Paltanbazar and via Chandmari is one of the available options.

  • There is a very good bus connectivity from Paltan Bazar Railway Station by the City Bus No.1 as Paltanbazar Bus Stop is located nearby the station.

  • The Inter-State Bus Terminus Guwahati (ISBT) is situated only 6km away from the station and shared taxi & auto services are easily accessible.

  • The LGB International airport which stands as the only airport in the city has a number of Govt. AC Bus services available to Paltan Bazar and one can avail the bus services to Basistha Temple from Paltanbazar easily.

One more fact associated with this Ashram or temple is the existence of a cave which is located approximately at a distance of 5 kilometers inside the Basistha Ashram. It is believed to be the place where the great sage Vasistha used to perform his meditation. It is also claimed to have a waterfall present in the location as has been documented in various sources and encyclopedias.


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