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Rebati Mohan Dutta Choudhury – Life and contributions to Assamese Literature

The name Sheelabhadra stands as one of the very popular name in the field of Assamese Literature. It is actually the pen-name of Rebati Mohan Dutta Chaudhury who has contributed a number of his writings, novels, short stories to the Assamese literature. He established an authority in this field as a short-story writer and it was these contributions that got him a number of prestigious awards from time to time. Rebati Mohan Dutta Chaudhury alias Sheelabhadra was born in the year 1924 at a place called Gauripur which falls under the Dhubri district, Assam. He did his graduation from the Carmichael college, Rangpur which is now in Bangladesh and after that he completed his Master degree in Mathematics from the Calcutta University in the year 1946 with 1st class and a Silver medal. He was a Lecturer of the historical Cotton College and Professor in Mathematics at Assam Engineering College of Guwahati from where he took his retirement.

Sheelabhadra is famous for his literary works in Assamese and as a person who brought the Literature to the present status with his valuable writings and novels, specially that of his evergreen short stories which are much popular among all the people of North East. Though he was graduate in Mathematics, he has some excellent writing skills. He published his first Novel entitled ‘Madhupur Aru Tarangini’ in the year 1971 which was followed by many more titles in the due course of time. Some of these can be referred to as Agomonir ghat, Ahatguri, Abichenna, Pracir, Godhuli, Anusandhan and many others such as Bastab, Bir Sainik, Tarua Kadam, Sheelabhadrar Kurita Galpa, Mejaz, Pratiksha, Uttaran etc. There are a number of Anthologies of his short stories that appeared regularly. The ‘Madhupurar Madhukor’ is one of the famous anthology of his short stories that was compiled and edited by Munin Bayan.

He taught the subject Mathematics in some premiere educational institutions of Assam like Cotton College and Assam Engineering college. Apart from his job of teaching, he also performed the role of a Journalist at The Assam Tribune newspaper in 1955 as well as an Assistant Manager in Korangani tea estate.
Sheelabhadra was presented with many prestigious awards for his writings and contributions to Assamese Literature. In the year 1994, he was honored with the Sahitya Academy Award while in the year 2001 he was given the Assam Valley Literary Award. The Bharatiya Bhasa Parishad Award was won by him in the year 1990 and in the same year the Assam Publication Board Award was also announced to him. He passed away in a hospital at Guwahati on 29th February 2008. Smt Nalini Dutta Choudhury was his wife who is known to be the first critique of his short stories having the opportunity to have a first hand review on all of them and thereby assisted him in bringing out the best out of his work. Though, it is not possible to write all the details about this great Assamese litterateur Sheelabhadra in a single article, here we are sharing some of the important informations & valuable contributions of Sheelabhadra.


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