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TET Assam Syllabus Published - Download detailed syllabus of Teacher Eligibility Test

TET or Teacher Eligibility Test of Assam has been on the spotlight since a couple of weeks and many aspirants of this entrance exam are found to go hither and thither to obtain detailed information about it. The most common among them was the syllabus of TET Assam which was kept pending since many days and was not made available. But today, on 15th July 2011 the detailed syllabus was finally published and made available in the website of Assam Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission which can be accessed through www.ssaassam.gov.in/index.htm as was notified by the concerned authority.

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Detailed Syllabus of Teacher Eligibility Test 2011 (Assam)

All interested candidates can download the syllabus from the links given below. These links are provided by the Axom Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission website (www.ssaassam.gov.in) but as the links are hidden with no navigation, all people concerned are facing hard times to figure out the download page. Hence, we have provided them here for the convenience of the applicants.

The overview of the syllabus with marks distribution and other details can be downloaded from the following link which is mentioned below:-

The above mentioned table in the overview document placed above indicates the paper names and also describes what types of candidates should appear for each one of them listed there. Basically, those intending to be a teacher of a school from 1st to 5th standard can appear in the first paper whereas the second paper is meant for candidates willing to take up the job of teaching from 7th to 8th standard. We had already mentioned these points before in our previous post and some of those facts still remains same and are applicable.

We hope this post will be helpful to the people of Assam who had been searching for the detailed syllabus of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Assam and we expect that this post will suffice their requirements and purpose. Although we were few days late in reporting this post, but we still believe that it is timely as no other site or web portal has made it available and it came off on time.

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