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Syllabus of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Assam Delayed - Expected next week

Syllabus of Teacher Eligibility Test Assam has been in search by the concerned candidates since quite a few days but there is no detailed syllabus that is available on the web apart from the overview or outline of the same. This is because it is not yet published in details and according to latest reports, the detailed syllabus of TET Assam will be published and made available by next week or so and hence all the interested candidates will have to wait for some more days to get hold of it. It is known that the Empowered Committee which will be responsible for conducting the said Teacher Eligibility Test in Assam has been formed recently and therefore the release of exam syllabus can be expected shortly in the coming days. Earlier, there was a buzz around the state that it would be available by 7th July 2011 but that didn't happen and the latest news as of now indicates that it may perhaps be made available by next week only.

The TET Examinations which will be an essential requirements to get engaged as a Teacher in any school will be conducted by the state government as per the guidelines which has been framed and provided by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). We already published an article few days back regarding the Overview of the Assam TET Examinations and various related informations. The provision to make this exam as the minimum qualifications for obtaining the eligibility to serve as a teacher is aimed at improving the benchmark and qualitative improvements in the selection procedures and thereby enhancing the performance of the school teachers in the practical field.

As per the guidelines of NCTE, there will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in both the two parts i.e. Paper I and Paper II respectively. The first paper which is meant for classes from 1st to 5th standard will carry 150 MCQ which must be answered within one and a half hours while Paper II has the same number of MCQ and Exam Durations but the same is meant for classes extending from 7th to 8th standards. As per the guidelines of NCTE, the first paper should include around five subject matters such as Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I & II, Environmental Studies and Mathematics where each would carry 30 MCQs and 30 marks. The Structure and Content suggested by NCTE for Paper II includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language I & II as the compulsory subjects with MCQ and Marks distribution of 30 each whereas the fourth subject can be either Mathematics and Science or Social Studies where each would carry 60 Multiple Choice Questions and 1 mark for each questions.

The pass mark as already mentioned in our previous post is 60 percentage or more and on successfully qualifying the exam, the candidates will be awarded TET Certificates. The validity of such certificates will perhaps be decided by the State Government or the Empowered Committee and will be applicable as such for all the candidates of the state for employment as a teacher in the schools.

By now, there are many centres that are seen to be advertising for Teacher Eligibility Test coaching classes in Assam as well as TET Assam Guidebooks which are released in the market of the state but all of them may not serve the actual purpose and seems to be only meant for commercial interest with no substance. The candidates must therefore be careful for not taking the wrong way and should verify everything before making any commitment on their part.