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Rongmon Comics - An Assamese Children Magazine now available for online reading

Rongmon Comics has always been one of the favorite comics or magazine for children of Assam and also holds the recognition of being the first and perhaps the only such colored children magazine to be offered in the regional language of Assam. It was first published in the year 2005 from the month of February onwards and since then for long 6 years of its existence, it has achieved wide acclamation from the readers community of the state and even the grownup people seems to enjoy reading them apart from the growing kids. Now, this very popular and interesting assamese kids magazine is being offered digitally through its newly launched website which was unveiled by Littérateur Gagan Chandra Adhikari at a function which was organized in Guwahati Press Club of Assam on 16th July 2011.

The venture of publication was initiated by Roman Bordoloi who established and started a publication house called Malini Publication and accepted the responsibilities of publishing Rongmon. The very first issue of this assamese comic book was inaugurated by some great personalities like Dr. Mamoni Roysom Goswami, Sri Hiren Bhattarcharya and Dr. Hiren Gohai in the year 2005 at the State Museum Auditorium located in Guwahati. Malini Publication was not only responsible for bringing out the regular issues of Rongmon but also holds the credit to publish the famous 'Buri Aair Sadhu' in comic form, adventure book 'Galpa Nahai' and 'Pratibad aru Pratyasa' which all attracted a large number of readers of Assam and was widely acclaimed by all the people.

The digital version of Rongmon is offered in Adobe Flash technology with two flash players to flip pages of the assamese children magazine using Issuu Publishing Tool. It has a forum too which is powered by Kunena - a native Joomla Forum. There is an online game playing option which seems more like a Advertisement or Affiliate page rather than an integrated feature. The site is monetized by using Google Adsense and has other features like Webmail, Subscription option (Paid) etc. The interface is very simplistic with an attractive background reflecting a very interesting and fun packed beautiful theme display.

The website can be accessed through the link and all fans of this assamese children comic or kids magazine can now also access the latest issue through its electronic version made available in the world wide web. The full screen view works great and can be used to have a distinct view of the various pages with good navigation features available. We at Assam Journal are glad to recommend it to our readers and believe that you will also simply enjoy reading it just the way we did. Happy reading & have fun!!