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Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary in Sivasagar (Assam) - Overview & Transportation Facility

Assam is a state of India which is generally called as the doorway of North East Region. There are a number of tourist spots and places of interest in this state and because of this, Assam is also known as one of the best tourist place in North East India as well as the country. Among them, Sivasagar is popularly known as one of the primary and important tourist spots in the region which is full of ancient monument and buildings. Sivasagar is a city located in the southern part of the mighty river Brahmaputra where the capital of Ahom kingdom was situated and therefore the city plays a key role to attract the tourist to the place. There are lots of historical monuments, sculptures and many other archaeological objects which attracts the tourist to this region.

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The Bird sanctuaries in Assam is also another major source of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. There is a Bird Sanctuary located in Sivasagar which is known by the name of Pani Dihing Bird sanctuary and is the homeland to many different species of birds. Though there are many such sanctuaries in the state, the Pani Dihing is the only government approved Bird Sanctuary in Assam which was officially declared and established in the month of December 1996 by the government of Assam. The sanctuary is located in the Sivasagar town that covers a total area of 33.94 square kilometer of land. The Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is a home to many different domestic and migratory birds where a lot of them are found visiting the place from time to time. The famous Adjutant storks and the fishing eagle are some of the main attraction of this sanctuary. More than thousands species of such feathered creatures can be found in the Pani Dihing where the migratory birds are the drawing cards for the tourist view.

How to reach Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary, Sivasagar

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The Pani Dihing Bird sanctuary is located in Sivasagar and can be conveniently reached through the various mode of transportation available in this part of the country. The transportation facility in the city is very good which includes the services through roadways, train and by air also and hence one can chose between the best options. The Mohanbari and Rowriah is the nearest Airport of the Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary which is located in the Dibrugarh and Jorhat District respectively. The Broad-gauge train facility is available through the city which is another good transportation facility from the other parts of the country. The city is well connected with the other important places of the state by Bus and by train. There is also the availability of daily bus services from various places across other cities and towns present in the state. The local facilities of Bus, Auto, Taxi and the other shared transport services can also be availed within Sibsagar for travelling to various places of interest within the said area.

Other Tourist Attractions in Sibsagar, Assam: Some other places that the tourist can visit in Sivasagar can be mentioned as that of Rangghar, Karengghar, Talatalghar, Shivdoul, Moidam, Dhodar Ali, Joidoul, Joysagar and many other historical monuments which carries the Ahom Kingdom memory.


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