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News Network TV Channel Assam - 24 x 7 Satellite News Channel to be Launched Soon

News Network Television channel of Assam is the upcoming round the clock satellite news channel of the North East region which is all set to make entry to the electronic media of the state and come live from Guwahati on the early half of the next month i.e. August 2011. Aimed at reaching out to all the residents and non-resident population of Assam through various communication technologies like Internet and Cable TV connection, News Network Channel is ready to emerge with the intent to provide sincere and impartial views and news to the public through its news bulletins and other programmes they have on schedule.

The News Network Satellite Channel has its head office situated at Ulubari area within Guwahati city of Assam from where they have projected to telecast all the daily news and programmes to the thousands of viewers. The Editor of this upcoming channel is N. Thakuria whereas Rana Zaman will be serving as the CMD. In addition, an advisory board is also reported to be formed comprising of qualified and some distinguished personalities who would be responsible for monitoring and ascertaining the quality of all telecast programmes through their valuable feedback and accordingly will put forward their expert suggestions to ensure and maintain the quality of all the news feed and regular programmes.

N. Thakuria - the editor of News Network has stated that their main motto will be to insist more on factual reality in the contents of all news beamed by them and thereby disseminate the information with ethical norms. Although many (as many as seven recognized) satellite news channel evolved in the North East region in the due course of time such as News Live, DY365, Prime News, Northeast Television (NETV) etc., still the electronic media does not seem to be saturated enough as of now and there seems to be enough room for new initiatives to bring out news and contents with sensible, impartial and social commitment as well as dedication and also maintain the standards of the mainstream journalism to cater to the needs of all the common people.

It is expected that there will be provisions for watching News Network Satellite Channel Online or stream it live through internet like most other channel provides. It is also not clear as to how many languages will be supported and used for featuring its programmes apart from the local Assamese language but considering the latest trends followed in the media, we can expect more than couple of dialects to be used for convenience of all sections of people residing in the state as well as the non-resident people of Assam. As observed from its banners and logos made available, it will be introduced with the slogan 'News Network - News you can rely on' and possibly be launched within the first or second week of August 2011. The official website of News Network Satellite TV Channel from Guwahati Assam is not known as of now and will be updated soon in a new post once the informations are received and available with us.