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Jnan Taranga (Gyan Taranga) by KKHSOU - First Community FM Radio of North East

Jnan Taranga (also pronounced as Gyan Taranga) is known to be the first FM Community Radio Channel of Assam and North East which is introduced by the Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) and has been operating in the region since its inception on 20th November 2010. It was unveiled by the Chief Minister of Assam on a function which was held at NEDFi House located in the Guwahati city of the state. However, the radio broadcasting of Jnan Taranga was done even before its formal inauguration and was aired for the purpose of experimenting the smooth functioning of the service as intended. It is now broadcast regularly on a frequency of 90.4 MHz and has established itself as an essential broadcasting medium being the first of its kind to be called the Community Radio Station in the Northeastern region and still continuing to serve on the same frequency.

Currently from 11th March 2011 onwards, the said Community Radio of Northeast initiated by Krishna Kanta Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University of Assam is broadcasting around 20 hours of programmes relating to mainly education and community based themes including some taste of entertainment too in between the daily programme schedule of Gyan Taranga. Educational related discussions and informations will be broadcast for minimum five hours everyday whereas there is also an interactive based programme being made available hourly called 'VC Online' in which the Vice Chancellor of the University will answer to the various queries put forward or asked by the regular listeners as well as those from the students community.

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Jnan Taranga - The KKHSOU CRS 90.4 FM is being formed with a Broadcast Management Commitee of three members who are accordingly Mr. R. B. Mahanta (Registrar) serving as the Chairperson cum Station Director (I/C), Dr. M. C. Sarma (Director, CIQA) as member and Asstt. Prof of KKHSOU Dr. Ankuran Dutta as Member Secretary and Station Manager. Additionally, there is a Station Advisory Committee consisting of eight core members followed by a Managerial Team of two members and Operational Team of seven members. Protisha Hazarika, Mridusmita Sarma, Madhukrishna Borthakur, Ditimoni Gogoi and Arunima Goswami are the anchors who are currently hosting the different programmes that are on daily schedule of the community radio service.

They also offer people with talent, dedication and enthusiasm to join the team and be the volunteers of the Jnan Taranga family. There is a specific Volunteers Form that includes mainly general personal information including fields like Your area of Interest, Briefing about the Programme who want to produce and Its significance towards the Community which should all be duly filled up in order to apply for the said role. They also accept advertisements and as such interested business and organizations can take the opportunity to reach out to thousands of loyal listeners by advertising on the said radio service. The communication address for such requirements can be found as listed below:-

We will be updating the detailed programme schedule of Jnan (Gyan) Taranga including some more information in a separate post shortly. Do share with us your valuable comments and feedback about this first CRS 90.4 FM radio channel of Northeast and Assam and let us know your views and opinions.