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Dimasa Kachari Tribes of Assam – Festivals and Family system of Dimasa Kachari tribes

Dimasa Kachari is one of the many different tribes of the autonomous hill districts as well as that of Assam. These tribes are mainly found in the North Cachar Hills, Cachar and Karbi Anglong district of the state. The word Dimasa means literally the son of a big river where the ‘Di’ means water, ‘Ma’ means big and the ‘Sa’ means Soner themselves as the descendants of the mighty Brahmaputra River. In 1971, the total population of the tribe was counted to be approximately around 39,344 and the literacy rate was recorded as 18.84%.

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Festivals of Dimasa Kachari tribes of Assam

These people belongs to one of the ancient Kachari tribe which are the primary habitant of the North Cachar Hill district and in some other parts of the state. Like the other tribes, the Dimasa also celebrates their own festivals in their own traditional way. Some of these important festivals can be listed as below:—
  • The "Rajini Gabra and Harni Gabra" is one of the known socio-religious festival of Dimasa tribe which is celebrated for once in a year. It is usually celebrated before the new cultivation is being started. This festival commences when the village headman (also known as ‘Kunang’) tries to appease his family god and proceeds by shutting down the gates of the village on that special day of the performance of Rajini Gabra. The immortal ‘Harni’ is worshiped at the same day seeking blessings for the wellbeing of all the people of the village for the coming year. The festival is observed inside the village itself and no other people from outside the village is allowed to witness the occasion and if any such people comes to see it, the program is considered to be spoilt.
  • The ‘Busu’ is another major festival that is popular among the Dimasa Kachari tribe which generally implies the harvesting festival that is celebrated by them. It is observed with more fun and merry-making and the whole village is decorated with special artistic arrangements for the occasion. They also design and construct a gate called ‘Fangsla’ in the entrance of the village to mark the celebration and welcome the festival.

Family system of Dimasa Kachari Tribes of Assam

Dimasa people make their houses out of a plan floor which is known as Noh-Dima and are located in the bank of a river. Their houses are like that of the common people and has similar structure consisting of a drawing room, sleeping room, kitchen and a granary. Their family system is patrilineal where the father is the head of the family and among them the parallel clan system is available. There are 40 male and 42 female clans that are available among the Dimasa Kachari's which is called as "Sangphong" and "Zaluk" respectively.

The ‘Nablai’ is the village system of the tribe which means cluster of houses. Like the other tribal people of the state, the Dimasa Kachari has also their own dormitory which is called ‘Nodrang’ and it is meant for the young unmarried boys of the tribe. The dormitory is used by them as the learning institute where they learns dance and music, arts and crafts and many other such skills. It is guest accommodation where Dimasa and non-Dimasa guests can come and stay there. Usually, the young boys of the tribe stay at night in the Dormitory.


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