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Jetuka Pator Dore - Watch Online Photos and Video Trailers of the latest Assamese Movie

Jetuka Pator Dore, the latest Assamese Movie of 2011 which is directed by talented film director Jadumoni Dutta and produced by Noorul Sultan has managed to win the prestigious Rajat Kamal Award in the regional category as the Best Assamese Film. We already published about this movie some time back where we have provided various information about the star cast and crew members as well as an overview of the story and music of the said feature film.

In this post, we intend to provide some still images as well as a couple of promo videos or trailers of the Assamese Movie 'Jetuka Pator Dore' where the lead actors and actresses like Raag Oinitam and Aaimee Barua along with the other popular film actors and child artiste can be seen in their different roles.

By looking at these pictures, you can well understand that the film is based on the life and pattern of the people of rural regions in Assam where the story reflects the commitment of the young generation to step forward and fight for their own rights and protest against corruption and other social issues like exploitations. As already told in one of our previous post, the screenplay of this movie is penned down by Munin Barua and the film is based on a story which was written by Syed Abdul Malik who is one of the legendary writer of Assam.

The presence of some noted film artist like Bishnu Khargharia, Kapil Bora and Arun Hazarika makes the difference as they are known to perform well and deliver the best of their abilities. There has always been a thought that the Assamese Film Industry is not capable of producing good shows of entertainment on the big screen and to some extent it has turn out to be true as there were hardly any successful movie that has able to leave any impact.

But it makes no sense that there will never be any good assamese feature film because of the previous failures and the industry has been improving in leaps and bounds with the efforts of all the people involved with this profession. There are two video promos of Jetuka Pator Dore which was uploaded in YouTube and you can watch them online below to have an idea of the story and performance.

Both these two video clips were uploaded by Rupali Parda and it displays some of the important and random scenes of the screenplay without throwing any spoilers. It also includes the english sub-titles in order to provide the ease and convenience for the non-assamese or hearing-impaired people to easily watch the video and understand the dialogue and the story which is depicted in it.

Do drop your comments below and share your reviews and feedback with us and also let us know what you think about this award winning assamese film.