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Jetuka Paator Dore Assamese Film - Story, Star Cast, Promo Video and Release Date

Jetuka Paator Dore is the name of the upcoming assamese movie or more precisely a feature film which is being directed by Jadumoni Dutta and presented by the production house named Maina Industrial Co-operation Society Ltd. The producer of the said film is Md. Noorul Sultan whereas the story is composed by Syed Abdul Malik and the screenplay is being prepared by none other than Munin Barua. It is one among the many movies which are scheduled to be released in Assam and was earlier known to be made available on 6th May 2011 but considering the release of another big budget movie Poley Poley Ure Mon on 20th May 2011, producer Nurul Hussain has informed that Jetuka Paator Dore will hit the cinema halls only after the 20th May and the exact dates are not yet available. The title of the film means 'Enchanting, Challenging - The Life' in english and the production work was started from September last year for shooting the 90 minutes duration of this assamese feature film in different locations mostly in the villages & rural areas.

Jetuka Pator Dore Star Cast and Crew Members

There are actually a long list of artist who have been assigned in this movie to play different roles of characters present in the screenplay. However, some of the known faces and popular assamese actors and actresses who will make their presence in the big screen are Kapil Borah, Raag Ainitam, Bishnu Khargharia, Arun Hazarika and Aimee Barua. There are even many child artist who have also played some important roles such as Mayur Sumon, Poljit Goswmi, Arindam Sarma Kashyap and Porinandhi to mention a few among them. The music is composed by Polash Gogoi whereas the recording was done by Debabrat Chaliha along with Dipak Dutta and Bijoy Nath. Siddhartha Barua handled the cinematography while Sarat Bappi and Uday Sarkar contributed as the choreographer. Few other artist who can be seen in the screenplay are Biki, Rajkumar, Pabitra Barua, Dilip Ranjan Dutta, Bhranti Medhi, Jayanta Bhagabati, Minakhee Neog, Rina Borah and many others.

Jetuka Pator Dore Story and Review

The story of Jetuka Paator Dore is based on a financially backward village which was far away from any development or progress and people living there had to go though hard times to survive and they mostly had to depend on fishing and cultivation. They were also exploited by some of the influential people living there like contractors and wealthy people who made their fortune by cheating the poor farmers and fisherman. One such greedy contractor is Jamuna Hazarika who had many liquor shops in his name. Two orphans named Radha and Rajat who lived in the village had later decided to protest and fight for the justice of the people and their own rights. Radha was elected the secretary of one Village Cooperative Society which was meant for undertaking different development projects of the interior village. But even after having the assurance from concerned authorities, contractors like Jamuna Hazarika played spoilsport everytime and thereby snatched many of their contracts such as road and dam construction. When the monsoon season arrived, rain overpowered the dam which was cut down by Hazarika's son Muhidhar and as a consequence the entire area was flooded and relief operation had to be triggered to rescue flood effected people. The misdeeds of the bad guys were brought to the vigilance of the authorities and the people marked their protest to bring down all the unholy activities carried out by Jamuna Hazarika and his son

We are not going to add any more spoilers and the rest of the scenes can be seen on the Movie Theatres and cinema halls in Assam after its release. Although this seems to be one common type of storyline, one cannot predict anything before it is rolled out for public preview and only after its release someone can actually review the film and analyze its performance or potential.

Watch Jetuka Pator Dore Exclusive Promo Video Online

If you want to watch the assamese feature film 'Jetuka Paator Dore' online, then be informed that there exists one exclusive promo video or trailer of this assamese movie and was uploaded in YouTube by RupaliParda. You can view it directly by playing the video in the flash player embedded below for the convenience of our readers. It is around 3 minutes in duration and one can have a sneakpeak of the story through this trailer video that is made available.

Jetuka Pator Dore Release Date and Film Details

The release date as of now is not known as the date fixed earlier which is on 06.05.2011 was later postponed due to the release of other big budget films and it was hinted that only after 20th May it will make its way to the cinema halls in Assam. It will be having an aspect ratio of 1:1.66 and a 35 mm gauge with precisely 88 minutes and 30 seconds of duration. It will also facilitate English Subtitles which is another convenient feature for many viewers. This is what we have for you as of now and we will keep you updated whenever any new updates is announced or comes to our notice. Do share your feedbacks & opinions about this upcoming assamese movie through comment form below.