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Gana Adhikar (Internet Edition) Assamese Daily Newspaper - Read Online for Free

Gana Adhikar Assamese Newspaper is recently made available in its electronic form through the medium of internet and the much awaited e-paper in Assam is now available for access such that one can get all news and contents from the same in a more efficient manner. As some of you might already know, Gana Adhikar has been existing since a long time but not as an assamese daily but instead as a fortnightly newspaper which was circulated from 1994 onwards in the state. The formal launch of the daily paper publication was made on the 23rd day of March 2011 and the online edition has gone live few days back but some of its functionality and links are yet to be activated or made accessible.

Gana Adhikar is published by Unity Media and Infrastructure Ltd. which is located near Hatigaon Chariali in Guwahati city of Assam. It consists of around 12 pages full of contents belonging to multiple topics such as regional news, editorial section, national and international affairs, cultural and entertainment section, sports page and so on. The offline paper printed edition is available at a cost of Rs.4 per copy and can be availed every morning from various outlets or subscribed to be delivered to ones own residential address within the state.

e-Gana Adhikar:

The online edition of Gana Adhikar daily assamese e-paper is simple and straightforward with easy navigation such that readers can access it without scratching their head wondering for ways to access them. The best part of this internet edition is that it is not built using flash softwares which most other newspaper seems to be using lately and instead it is being created using 'PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor' which is a Server-side HTML embedded scripting language. The contents are provided as images which is the replica of the original printed version and contains all information in the same way as would be available offline. The page navigation are placed on the top header section and are labelled in Assamese Language whereas the detailed news in any of the pages can be read by clicking on the relevant news section which would then open a new page containing the zoomed version of the concerned news.

Dr. Dilip Bora is the honorary editor of Gana Adhikar newspaper which gets published regularly from Guwahati (Assam). The e-paper is being designed and maintained by Sultan Mahmud Mirdha. The privacy policy is however not found in the website and have not disclosed how they deal with the data of the users visiting their site. They do however record recent visitor activity and page impressions generated using third-party trackers like Easy Counter to show off the total visits and keep detailed statistics of the activities on the website.

The physical address for communication and contact information of the Assamese daily newspaper Gana Adhikar can be found below:-