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You Are Not My Julie - New upcoming Assamese Movie starring Zubeen Garg

A new assamese movie 'You are not my Julie' is being announced and the same is going to be a special treat for the people of Assam as Zubeen Garg has been assigned on the lead roles of the said feature film. The shooting of the film is still under progress which is being directed by M. Maniram and co-produced by Bhaskar Sharma and Nayan Nilim. It will be presented under the banner of Aishani Films and there will also be one dubbed version in Bengali language that will be released alongside with this assamese film. There are a number of popular artiste involved with the making of this film and hence it seems to be a very promising stuff capable of delivering a good show.

You Are Not My Julie - Story, Star Cast and Crew Members

The star cast of the assamese feature film 'U R Not My Julie' is undoubtedly one of the key aspects about this movie and the presence of noted assamese singer Zubeen Garg in the lead role on both the Assamese and Bengali version is a big news for all the fans and supporters of this great music legend. Apart from him, some other actors and actresses who is known to be starring in the said assamese movie are Parijaat Sengupta, Nayan Nilim and Anushia Sorkar including many other support roles to be played by regular artists.

The music of 'You Are Not My Julie' is being directed by Manas Robin whereas Zubeen himself is believed to have lend his voice in the singing department. As the name already suggests, it is going to be based on a romantic screenplay having many twists as was commented by Parijaat when asked to her.

You Are Not My Julie - Some Known Facts

If talks are to believed, the assamese feature film 'U R Not My Julie' is being filmed with an HD Red Camera and will be first ever movie of the region to be screened parallely on all the cinema halls and multiplex theatres across the state with the use of the U.F.O digital screening system. It is said to be pictured on some of the very beautiful locations of the region and also in other places like Shillong, Goa and Ladakh in India. M Maniram, the director of the film who is also popular for his previous venture 'Mon Jai' looks pretty confident and optimistic about the success of this new upcoming assamese movie and expects that it would be able to entertain not only the viewers of Assam but also looks forward to reach out for a wider audience within the country.

The release date of 'You Are Not My Julie' is not announced as of now but reports indicates that the shooting of the film is near completion and will be released soon. There are also many other upcoming assamese movies which will be released in the coming days such as Poley Poley Ure Mon which would be released on 20th May and many others like Samiran Barua Ahi Ase, Tula Aru Teja, Tomar Khobor, Jetuka Pator Dore (6th May) and so on.