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Tomar Khobor Assamese Audio CD launched

Tumar Khabar (a.k.a Tomar Khobor) is the new upcoming feature film in assamese which we have reported few days back in an article mentioning the various details such as star cast information and release date of the said movie. Last time too we have mentioned that the editing is under progress and we have to repeat it this time also but the latest news from Jeevandhara Production is that the audio or the Music CD of the said film is released and is available in the market for the music admirers of the state to collect and enjoy. It was released few days back in Hotel Nakshatra in Beltola by renowned music artiste Manas Robin & Prabhat Sharma.

The audio film album of Tomar Khabar includes a number of beautifully sung Assamese songs which also includes one Bihu title among the total of five different songs available within it. Mrinal Krati has done wonderful job as a music director and has delivered some melodious and tuneful songs which are expected to convince the various music enthusiast and casual listeners.

With many popular singers performing in the audio album of the said assamese movie like Zubeen Garg, Dobojit Saha, Krishnamoni Chutia, Priyanka Bharali and so on, this Music CD definitely carries the potential to top the charts among all other film musics released recently. There are also may other singers apart from them such as Subhasna Dutta, Bandish, Nabanita Sharma and Jyotika Patgiri who had also sung in some of the music numbers included.

Now as the music is released, we can expect some good show from the film too and hope that the love triangle story would be able to draw the audience to the cinema halls and in turn entertain them with a good enjoyable story and performance. Both Barsharani and Raag Oinitom are known as good performers and their presence in this Assamese Movie together with all other artiste would definitely make the difference. However, one thing that has always hampered the film industry of Assam is that of the screenplay and direction which had failed to meet the expected standards more often. It is also the reason that most good artist had not been able to perform with all their talents as they don't get much opportunity and support from the story and direction which are now some of the greatest concerns in the industry for the past many years.

However, the performance of the films like Raamdhenu which was able to create some waves among the viewers of the state and also those living outside the region has been a ray of hope and also an inspiration for the producers and film directors who should now set it as a standing example to focus more on story and character development in their films. Although Raamdhenu itself is also not a perfect film and has lot of downsides which are pointed out by different critiques, still it has been successful to many extent and the similar performance would also be expected from films like Tomar Khobor which is due to be launched soon in the cinema halls of Assam. You can download the music MP3 of Tomar Khabar from various file sharing sites and music portals that allows free streaming and downloading of assamese songs.