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Suresh Kalmadi arrested today by CBI

Suresh Kalmadi, who was the former chief of Commonwealth Games (CWG) Organizing Committee finally met his fate as CBI today arrested him on charges of corruption under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Central Bureau of Investigation has accused Kalmadi of his alleged involvement in plotting of a conspiracy of favoring a Switzerland based equipment company while procuring a Timing Scoring and Result equipment and was thereby held for charges of misappropriation. He went through a series of interrogation in the CBI headquarter after he arrived there and was later arrested by the investigating leads who will make him appear before a special court on 26th April 2011 i.e. Tuesday.

There was a lot of public reaction following the arrest of the former CWG Chief and most of them has seemed to be satisfied with this action taken against him. Leader of the major opposition party also welcomed the initiative but in turn remarked that it was a belated step. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit has however refrained herself from making any comments in this regard and simply skipped all question raised by the reporters who wanted to know her reactions about the arrest. BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar even insisted that all his aides and other people involved in the organizing committee including that of Delhi CM must all be brought to book and similar action must be taken against all those who have taken part in the foul practice during the Common Wealth Games 2011 mega sports event that was held in the country.

Earlier, Suresh Kalmadi was summoned on three occasions but he has failed to appear before the investigation department owing to different excuses and self framed situations. When he appeared today before the agency, he was questioned on many issues which needed his explanation but as he was unable to provide any convincing theory, he was taken into judicial custody. There are also many more charges to be brought against him such as corruption and monetary misappropriation during the Queen's Baton Relay and also the hiring of the vehicles from AM Films & AM Car and Van Hire Limited.

However, the breaking news of the hour is that Suresh Kalmadi is arrested by CBI and was also suspended by the ruling party from all his working positions.