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Shivam - Hindi remake of Dr Bezbaruah Assamese Feature Film Announced

Shivam is a new upcoming film in Hindi which is said to be the remake of the popular and evergreen Assamese Feature Film 'Dr. Bezbaruah' which was released in Assam way back in the year 1969. The new remake is based on the same theme like that of its original version and is all set for a nation wide launch in a few days ahead. Shivam is being produced by Jogiraj Choudhury whereas the director of the said hindi remake is Anshuman G Barua.

The music of the Bollywood film Shivam was launched today in a function held at India Club and thereby unveiling all the songs included in the flick which are sung by a number of noted music artists of bollywood like Shaan, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Raj Jyoti Konwar and Mahalaxmi Iyer who have all lent their voices in the various songs of Shivam. The music director of the movie is the same person who had composed the music of Dr.Bezbaruah as his debut film and is known by the name of Mr.Ramen Barua. The songs are totally different from that of the one's which Barua composed back in 1969 and the present music titles are composed and directed keeping in view the requirements of the present trends in the industry. However, out of the five melodious song numbers included in the album - three of them had retained the original tune while two others were freshly done so as to keep a good balance between the original theme and the modern remake.

Dr.Bezbaruah was a thriller movie which is also considered as the first of its kind in the Assamese Film Industry that was directed by Brojen Barua. It was this movie that brought him fame and came to spotlight due to his high standard of direction and also classic performance as an actor who played the role of a villain. Some other artist who was seen featured in that movie are famous Assamese actor Nipon Goswami and Meghali Devi besides the director himself.

The Hindi remake Shivam is set for release in cinema halls all over India on the 16th day of March, 2011. The star cast of the said thriller consist of Pankaj Badra, Mohit Chauhan, Dibyajyoti Das, Aroushika Dey and many others.

The choreography is done on various places in the Northeast region and most of the songs are picturized in many of the beautiful locations at Shillong and the Cherrapunjee. The role of Dr.Bezbaruah which was played by Brojen Baruah in the original movie will be starred by Mohit Chouhan in the remake. The story is based on a person called Shivam who is an adopted child of one industrialist named as Mr.Malhotra who one day finds himself being blackmailed by his close friend Dr.Satyakam on knowing that his son is not his own by virtue of any blood relation. The story unfolds with lot of twist and suspense and finally reaches its climax by calling an end to the thrilling action.

The film will remain in the limelight as it is based on a very path breaking classical feature film of Assam which was highly appreciated by the audience of the state. Since it is being captured in the different location of the northeastern region, it can also be expected that the same will be able to attract the attention of all the people outside the state and thereby help them learn more about the natural beauty of the place.