Rongali (Bohag) Bihu 2011 SMS Wishes, Greetings and Quotes in Assamese Language | Assam Journal

Rongali (Bohag) Bihu 2011 SMS Wishes, Greetings and Quotes in Assamese Language

The much awaited festival season of Assam i.e. Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu 2011 has finally arrived this year and people are all busy in their preparation at home to welcome it. The markets are being thronged by the folks to buy new clothes and various other items on this colorful, melodious and joyful occasion that is celebrated in the region. It is a time when people used to exchange gifts and share greetings with each other and acknowledge their fondness and a great bond of unity among the people of the state.

However, the generation has changed and with it the lifestyle of the people is also witnessed to have changed to a significant extent. Earlier people used to send or exchange New Year Greetings card, but today all these types of paper greetings are rarely used and the existence of Mobile phones and Internet connectivity has all changed the mindset of the people to use easy and effortless methods to wish their friends and families through the use of SMS, E-mails or via the widely used Social Networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. It has now proved to be a new trend among the people of Assam and specially for all the youths who uses these technology to send wishes to their friends and other well wishers on every big occasion that comes through.

Now-a-days, people are seen to be searching for Bohag Bihu 2011 SMS or Rongali Bihu Assamese Greetings on the internet so as to use them for their own purpose. We too have received many text messages relating to such Bihu Quotes and Wishes from our friends and also our readers in the recent days. Everyone has their own way of composing such message and they sound really good and appealing to be read. So here are few of the sample bihu quotes, SMS wishes and greetings that we have received from our friends and you can also download them to your computer and use it to forward the same to your friends accordingly.

Bohag Bihu 2011 SMS Message and Greetings

Otikoi Senehor Mugare Mekhela, Otikoi Senehor Maku - Tatukoi Senehor Rangali Bihuti Napaati Kenekoi Thaku : Happy Rangali Bihu 2011

Bakhantar Agomone Tumar Hridayat Anok Akhar Natun Batara, Dhul Pepa Gogonar Maate Kadiyai Niyak Tumar Hakalu Dukh Bedona - Rongali Bihur Aeye Hubhakamona.

Kopou Phool Fulile Gasar Dalat, Keteki Fulile Banot, Noi Pahi Ahile, Koolie Maatile, Bihu Bihu Lagile Manat. Happy RANGALI Bihu

Laroo-Pitha, Doi-Sira Lagat Alop Gur - Gutei Basartu Mitha Huwadere Hoi Thakok Bharpur. Taarei Hubha Kamonare, HAPPY RONGALI BIHU

Bihuti Aahise Dhul Pepa Baajise, Birikhe Halaise Paat; Nahoror Hubakhot - Ure Mon Ulaahot, Bihu Bihu Lagise Gaat - Bihur Hiyavora Hubhessa Jonalu : Happy Bohag Bihu

All the above messages and quotes are user contributed and are commonly circulated from person to person through SMS and Social Networks. There are a lot more such greetings stored in our Mobile Inbox and we have provided only a few of the popular ones. We would however love to get some more unique and personalized Bihu SMS Wishes or Quotes in Assamese Language and we leave these to our readers to share with us about their own way of wishing others on this special occasion.

We expect to see such similar quotes and greetings messages from all of you and you can use the comment form below to share those valuable stuffs with us and all other users from Assam as well as people from other places too who are keen to know more about the state and about the Rangali Bihu festival of Assam. So, all that we can say now is 'Happy Rongali Bihu' to all the people of Assam and our well wishers. Hope this new year bring to you more success and lot of happiness and prosperity throughout the year.