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Reliance 3G Tariffs and Rate Plans in Assam

We have already reported few minutes back that the Reliance 3G mobile service is launched in Assam and that the same is available in Guwahati and Shillong as of now with many other places likely to have it available within the next month. Now, as more and more mobile operators are launching this next generation high speed mobile technology to improve the user experience on mobile communications and entertainment, the tariff and rate plans are not very convenient one's and most of the big players in the telecom industry has presented more-or-less similar kind of rates which does not seem to be ideal enough for general users or those who are restricted to a limited expense while using mobile phones and other related services that it offers.

Now as reliance has also introduced the 3G services in this part of the country, it would definitely remain on the limelight for next few days or months as people would be eagerly comparing their offers and tariffs to find out whether it is worth using or not. Although the precise cost of the different services to be made available is not known as of now, but some reliable sources indicates the following rate plans which is believed to be applicable within the state and other northeast region where the same is unveiled recently.

The rates of all the voice calls and SMS are retained from the respective Reliance 2G plans and no changes have been made in the third generation network connection. There will however be some special costs while using the data connectivity and other features that are offered in 3G connection. The first and foremost facility that it provides is the Pay-As-You-Go which charges only for the amount of data used which is based on 10p/10kB when used up to a limit of 50MB and beyond that quota, all usage will be charged at 1p/10kB. Following are some of the data plans that can be used by the prepaid users.

In case of those using a Reliance postpaid connection, the 3G data usage would be charged as per the following rates as mention below:-

In addition to all of the above, there are many more services which will be provided at different costs and the same may also be subject to availability within any particular region. For a detailed list of all the services offered by Reliance 3G in Assam, you may consider visiting the official site of Reliance Communications at where you can get all other details regarding the availability and detailed price list of various features and services that they have to offer to all the 3G mobile subscribers in the state.