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Priyosakhi Internet Edition - The Assamese monthly magazine for women of Assam

Priyosakhi Internet Edition is the online version of the famous monthly assamese magazines which is meant specially for women's of Assam and is accordingly presented with a colorful design and lots of interesting facts and articles. It is a sister magazine of Bismoi and is published every month by the Bismoi Prakashan from Guwahati city in Assam. It includes a number of useful categories upon which the contents are based and is provided in the regional language of Assam and as such discusses and covers different topics such as Assamese Recipes or Cuisines, career related information, assamese poems, modelling photos, monthly horoscope, short stories, tourism related articles and personal experiences, novels and so on. There are infact many more subjects which are presented in this magazine such as Sakhir Matamat, Sakhir Dapun, Binudan, Nidan and so on.

The editor of Priyosakhi is Shashi Phukon who is also involved with the Bismoi magazine and has been serving as an editor in both of them simultaneously. The e-magazine is well maintained and is full of contents written in assamese language that is presented in the form of GIF Image in order to display the texts and photos. The website is based on simple HTML technology and is designed and maintained by MACLE Infocom. It is quite a regular publication and is made available on time every month of which the latest volume as of now is the April 2011 Rangali Bihu Special edition. The navigation is made user friendly and one can read each column by clicking on the relevant part or section as intended or desired. However, the background of the Priyo Sakhi Internet Edition which is black in colour is not an ideal one as it sometimes makes the contents out of focus or indistinct at times and one has to glue his eyes too close to the screen of the computer to get a fair idea of what is written there.

Apart from the disadvantages mentioned above, everything is just right with the online assamese magazine and what counts the most in favor of it is that the same is full of rich contents which makes it one of the most widely read Print media that is also popular in its electronic form available via internet.

One can subscribe for Priyosakhi monthly magazine at some attractive and cheaper rates which are available for a period of either 6 months or 1/2/3/4/5 years at different costs. The communication address for such subscription and other related queries can be found through the details as given below:-

Circulation Manager, Bismoi Prakashan,
House No.83, Rajgarh Main Road,
Guwahati-781003, Assam (India).

Overall, it is one of the very good magazine which can be specially useful for all the female readers of Assam to go through and be aware of some interesting and informative facts and thereby have some good time while reading it.