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Prithviraj and Supriya Menon Marriage held today - Download Photo and Video Awaited

Malayalam Actor Prithviraj ties knot with the BBC Journalist Supriya Menon today and the news of their marriage has spread virally throughout the world wide web since the news was reported first on the internet. The marriage of this popular film actor and news journalist was held under thick blanket of personal privacy and both the families tried to stay away from media and flashlight and in turn has invited only few of their close friends and families. The marriage ceremony was held at Kandoth Taravadu Resort of Palakkad according to reports from various local sources who also informed that the reception would be organized at Le merriedien Cochin in which only some special invitees would be present along with the wedding couples and their respective family members or relatives.

Before this wedding day, there were many rumours and reports which flooded on the web from different quarters regarding their relationship and it was known that Prithviraj often visited Mumbai to meet Supriya Menon. It is believed that the duo had first met each other when she was covering a news report about the cinema of the South and has since then known each other more like a friend.

They were in a strong relationship since last four years as reported by the media and finally on this 25th day of April 2011, they decided to take it a step further and lead a married life together. However, it was Prithviraj who is said to have wanted a completely personal or private marriage ceremony and as such there was not any large gathering accept around 50 special guest which includes family members and relatives of the couple. The exclusive photo coverage of the marriage between dashing actor Prithviraj and BBC Journalist Supriya Menon is not available as of now from any sources and the same is still awaited as media reporters and cameraman are not allowed there and if talks are to be believed, the reception party is also planned to be a private event and no uninvited guest would be granted access on the venue.

Although the possibility of the marriage between these two noted media artist was rumored to take place on 1st day of May 2011, but the news about the same being held today itself is more of a surprise to all their fans and well wishers. More details about wedding between Prithviraj and Supriya is awaited and all the interested people have to wait some more time to view or download the marriage pictures or get access to any other details that one might be interested to know about them including the reception news and information.