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Nishita Goswami - Biography, Profile, Photo, Wallpaper of the hot Assamese Actress

Nishita Goswami is yet another Assamese actress of Jollywood who is quite admired by the people for her beautiful look and appearance as well as her outstanding performance in film and stage acting. She is the daughter of the famous veteran actress Malaya Goswami which is also one of the many reasons for her remaining on the limelight as the expectations remains naturally high from her to maintain the high standard like that of her mother. Inspite of all these facts, she was successful in her endeavor and was able to establish her authority in the industry. She has acted in many VCD and Feature films as of now and has also performed on stage and small-screen shows.

This pretty woman named Nishita Goswami was born on 19th October and has started her career as a child artist at a very tender age of 6 years only in a feature film titled Rati Phula Phul being directed by Sagar Sangam Sarkar. Her role in the film was not very serious one and has only registered her presence in the film which also featured her mother in the lead roles. She had a lot of passion for this profession of film acting and dancing and accordingly shaped her career with a much positive note to reach new heights of success within very less time. This assamese actress has a very charming and a cheerful face which has been able to attract many fans and win over the hearts of the viewers, specially those of the youngsters.

She has been a part of many good assamese feature films, movies and VCD films and is able to win appreciation from the viewers and critics due to her stupendous acting in different type of roles she has played so far. Her latest assamese feature film Raamdhenu is a big hit and has recorded an impressive success rate with all the people thronging the cinema halls to watch it on the big screen again and again. Her appearance in the film Dinabandhu which was directed by Munin Baruah and based on the story of Dr.Bhabendra Nath Saikia's 'Zowtuk' was widely acclaimed by both the audience and the critics owing to her stellar performance in the movie which also starred Zubeen Garg, Tapan Das, Gayatri Mahanta and Prastuti Porashar.

She is also a good assamese bihu dancer and can be seen on most of her Bihu VCDs that are launched in Assam on regular intervals. She has a perfect combination of highly skilled talents and glamorous figure which makes her so different and also a prominent media artist of Assam. Her passion for acting and the comfortable support and inspiration from her mother at all times is what she says as the decisive factor for her success of her career in the Assamese Film Industry. She is also of the view that although there were some expectations and pressure due to her being the daughter of Malaya Goswami, she was actually never scared of the situation and stepped forward with confidence taking inspiration from her mother who was always there to guide her. For her, the character being played in the award winning film Dinabandhu will be the most cherished performance in addition to all other films that she casted including her debut title 'Mon'.

She has numerous hobbies and the ones which is believed to be most common are music, acting and driving and she also seems to be interested in indulging herself in teaching. However, she prefers film acting on the top priority and is looking forward to continue it with full enthusiasm. She is quite selective in her roles as far as signing for any new film is concerned and likes to play the characters which best suits her interest and preference. Although she has no immediate plans to try the film industries outside the state but has left the option open for any good offer that comes her way. She is also optimistic that the film industry of Assam will get better and be able to survive the grim phase that has been existing as of now.

Nishita Goswami was recently signed by the Election Commission for their campaign to highlight the importance of exercising one's voting rights and convey the message to all the people of Assam ahead of the Assam Assembly Election 2011. She teamed up with co-actor Jatin Borah and recorded their audio-video campaign clips where she would be seen urging the masses of the state to go and cast their vote and keep the same on their top priority list.

Being a glamorous, beautiful and hot assamese actress of the state of Assam, she can also be found posing for various media publicity videos and paper advertisement promoting different products and services. She is known to be residing in Guwahati city of Assam and is also participating in the road show organized by Vodafone known as 'Bihu at your Doorstep' and will be traveling across the state in various cities and towns of Assam such as Sivasagar, Jorhat, Duliajan etc. and will be performing Bihu dance along with the troupes comprising that of dashing Assamese actor Jatin Bora and many others.