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Mozilla Firefox Assamese Version - The localized web browser for users of Assam

Internet has become a very popular medium of communication and has also been one of the very helpful companion at work, study or for some entertainment. Lots of people use the world wide web to access different kinds of information or data and also to communicate and stay in touch with friends and families. Now you must be wondering what I am talking about as these are already known facts and do not need any special explanation. That is true and the reason for which I have started with these introduction is because surfing the web to get those desired results requires one to use a web browser. In this regard, we are here to inform to all our readers that there is one popular web browser called Firefox which is available in the Assamese language so that people of Assam can use this essential internet tool in their own regional language.

Mozilla Firefox Assamese version is available for use in either a Windows computer, Linux and Mac and the latest version available is v3.6.16 as of now. Although the Firefox 4 is recently released and made available, the Assamese version did not get updated while some other Indian languages did get the version 4. The priority may perhaps be dropped considering the fact that there are not many downloads being recorded of the said Assamese version and the main reason behind this can be thought of as the lack of awareness about its existence for them to download.

It always feels great to have the regional language used wherever possible and hence being a resident of Assam, one might always prefer to use the Assamese language as the preferred medium. However, it cannot be a replacement of the Internationally used English language but can rightfully stand as the most eligible alternative language for personal tasks. The localized version of Mozilla Firefox in Assamese can be downloaded from the following link as embedded in the banner placed below:-

The download link mentioned above includes the complete table of available Localized Versions and each of them comes with three links meant for different computer platforms such as Windows, Linux or Mac and one can therefore select the appropriate versions so as to meet the requirements of the computer used to surf the internet. You can also see the version number in the table which can be monitored to know about new updates available in terms of the version number as new updates ensures better performance and stability of use.

We can expect that the Firefox 4 in Assamese will be launched soon and we will be able to use the various advanced features available within it in our own regional language of Assam. Although there exists many web browsers today which are equally good or even better at times such as Google Chrome, Opera etc., but Mozilla Firefox has been used by a large portion of Internet users in the world and hence having it in localized version is an added advantage for the users as the same is not offered by many other browsers of its kind. So, don't waste your time and download the Assamese web browser made available by Mozilla and let us know your feedbacks and experience in using it. So, I won't stretch this any further and would like to conclude here.

I hope this post helped our users who are unaware of it till now. We hope to see your comments and suggestions below very soon. Happy Browsing!!