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Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) Theme Song Released for IPL 4 - Watch the video online

For all those fans of Kochi Tuskers Kerala team of Indian Premiere League who has been waiting to see the promo video or the official theme song for the upcoming IPL 4, there is a good news to share that the wait is finally over and the video song is been made available for public preview. This was what most KTK fans were eagerly waiting for as there are lot of sentiments involved which also acts as a tonic to get charged up for the big T20 tournament i.e. IPL 4. They are going to debut in this great cricketing extravegenza and hence the expectations from the team to perform well throughout the tournament is highly expected.

The promo video appears to be the most important part of their off-field performance and promotion as all teams try their best to prepare inspiring and breath-taking videos and songs having attractive graphics and special effects as well as by endorsing popular bollywood actors and actresses to cast their appearance thereon.

The video theme song of Kochi Tuskers Kerala is about 2 minutes and 19 seconds in duration which is being filmed under the direction of the popular director Priyadarshan. The music is composed by Ousepachen whereas Thiru is handling the camera. The entire team members are participating in the promo video wherein they will be seen demonstration their skills and commitments to challenge and fight for victory under all circumstances. Rima Kalingal is also taking part in this promo and can be seen at the very beginning of the timeline while the rest of the players can be seen throughout the video who would be taking their responsibility in their individual departments under the leadership of the team captain Mahela Jayawardene who looked confident enough in his role to lead the team from the front.

It will be showcasing the beauty of Kerala and the culture of the place as well along with many other things that are included within it. However, the theme song of KTK is finally released and hence you can watch it directly to enjoy and lift your spirit to support the team in each of the matches that they would be playing in Indian Premier League 2011.