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Jerifa Wahid (Assamese Actress) - Profile, Biography, Photos and Wallpapers

Jerifa Wahid is apparently one of the pretty face of Assam Film Industry (Jollywood) and has been a very successful artist too with her performance being recorded in a number of popular and hit Assamese feature films and movies that is released so far. She is one among the most sought-after face present in the industry and has a great career profile too which adds up the talents and abilities of this promising Assamese Actress. Her skills of acting in films and theatre plays is eminently admired and applauded by the audience whenever she stepped out on stage or made her appearance before camera.

Assamese actress Jerifa Wahid was born on the year 1975 in Kolkata but later established herself in the state of Assam and continued staying here and shaping her career. Besides being a media artiste and having known as a beautiful actress of Assam, she was also a legal professional who had practiced as a lawyer in the Gauhati High Court. But she preferred the acting profession with higher priority because of her keen interest and passion towards the acting profession and therefore engaged herself in cinema and stage performance in mobile theatres and other cultural shows. She also worked as a child artist at the start of her career and later played various types of roles in assamese TV serials and feature films.

She was awarded with the honour of being the best actress in the year 2002 and this came off for her impressive performance in the film Agnisakshi. Her filmography journey comprises of many popular film titles such as Naayak, Tumi Mur Mathu Mur, Kadambari, Ahir Bhairav, Gun Gun Gaane Gaane, Abhimaan, Anya Ek Jaatra, Deuta Diya Bidaay, Antaheen Jaatra, Prem Geet and ofcourse her award winning film 'Agnisakshi' among many other assamese movies where she casted her appearance on the big screen. She also participated and acted in many plays and some of which were directed by famous film makers like Bhabendranath Saikia, Bidyut Chakraborty. Molaya Goswami and so on. Some of the plays where her performance was widely acclaimed are Goduli, Suryastha, Eti Tumar and Ghulam.

Jerifa Wahid (a.k.a. Jerifa Waheeda) is also working as a producer and owns her own production house namely 'Zerifa Wahid Productions' which was launched on September 2007 at Guwahati Press Club in front of some of the noted celebrities and media personalities also including many other distinguished guests. It was established with a view to produce and promote as many as five plays per annum and also intended to allow complete freedom to the directors to take their own decision and work as per their own discretion and approach. She also initiated an NGO type legal panel on the same year which was aimed at providing assistance to all the women who have been the victims of domestic violence.

Besides all these, she had a cute and beautiful appearance which made everyone admire her the most in addition to all her talents and every other day many folks are seen to search for biography or photos or Jerifa Wahid or find sources to download wallpapers of hot assamese actress Jerifa Wahid which clearly indicates the extensive popularity and ever increasing fan base that she has to her credit. If you are also a fan of this gorgeous film actress of Assam, do share your views and feedbacks with us by putting your comment through the form as given below.