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Jaanmoni Feature Film - Star Cast, Story and Review of new Assamese movie Janmoni

Jaanmoni (a.k.a Janmoni) is the latest assamese feature film that is recently released in Assam and is now screened on the various cinema halls across the state. It is not one of those Bihu series video albums that are usually released in the state in multiple edition having the same name but instead it is a completely different movie which has a different theme and screenplay to entertain the viewers and the audience. It is presented under the banner of N.K. Production which is one of the oldest and popular production house that has delivered many good audio and video films and albums so far. It is a low budget movie which is being prepared as part of an experiment to enhance the current grooming situation in the Assamese Film Industry and various digital technology is brought to use to cut down the cost but at the same time the story and performance of the characters were more focused so as to make it an enjoyable experience for all the people of Assam and specially those who are regular viewers and fans of the widely popular Jaanmoni Bihu video album series.

Janmoni Movie Star Cast and Crew Members

Jaanmoni is a multi-starrer feature film in Assamese language which has a strong star cast of many popular and renowned artist of the industry. Some of them can be mentioned as Jatin Bora, Utpal Das, Shyamontika Sharma, Srimanta Madhav, Arun Hazarika, Saurav Hazarika, Kalpana, Meenu Baniya, Munmi Kalita and many other artist. The said movie is being directed by Rajesh Bhuyan and is produced by Deb Barkataky.

Jaanmoni Feature Film Characters and Roles

The story of Janmoni generally revolves around two young couples 'Jaan' and 'Moni' which are two of the lead characters in the movie and the roles are accordingly played by Jatin Bora and Shyamontika Sharma. Jaan is an orphan child whereas Moni belongs to a rich family. As usual, Utpal Das is seen on a static role and did not get much focus in the long two and a half hours of the film duration. Srimanta Madhav added some comedy and funny moments while Saurav Hazarika can be seen as Jaan's close friend. All the other artist too played some important roles according to the screenplay and had done some good work behind the camera under the direction of an experienced director.

Jaanmoni Feature Film Story

As Jaan did not belong to any well-to-do family as compared to Moni, they both faced opposition from different quarters but not withstanding any threat, they both decided to tie knots and lead a happy married life together. Moni accepted Jaan as her life partner expressing her faith with a dialogue that sounds as 'Toi kakhot thakile mur kaaloiku voi nalage..' which means that 'She is not afraid of anyone if he stands behind her'. But unfortunately for them, they had a spat between themselves and broke up soon but Moni could not stop thinking about him and led a very miserable life therefrom. There are many incidents that followed next and ultimately both re-unites and thereby draws a happy ending.

Jaanmoni Feature Film Review

Not to add any more spoilers, we recommend you to go and watch it on your own and like all other Jaanmoni VCD albums released so far, you might appreciate this one too which is now presented as a complete film and can be watched on the big screens. The shooting of the film is done in some beautiful locations in different villages of the state and includes many good assamese songs such as 'Ki Je Koru Hai', 'Kumal Kumal Saonire', 'Nila Nila Dusokute' etc. Although it was a good effort from Rajesh Bhuyan to bring forth a good show which is based on Krishna Bhuyan's love story, but as usual with other assamese films in the industry - Janmoni too had to face the sharp words of the critics who pointed out many mistakes which they thought to be illogical or badly scripted. For instance, one critic had strongly expressed his disappointment over the costumes of the different characters and reviewed them as the worst and irrelevant to the actual village lifestyle. For instance, he pointed out that it was illogical that any village girl would walk in to the paddy field to deliver tiffins or Jalpaan by wearing a new and bright Mekhela Sador which was seen to be repeated more often even in the rainy scenes. Some approved the performance of the various actors and actresses who they believed has done considerable job on their part but in turn commented that the script was not as good as what could have been generally expected.

Final words on Jaanmoni Assamese Movie

So, there is a mix reactions as of now and everyone seemed to have different opinion about Jaanmoni feature film. But whatever may be the feedbacks from the critics and film journalists, one cannot well ascertain whether it is worth to watch it or not and hence going to the movie theatres and having a first-hand preview is highly recommended. We don't want to add any more spoilers by narrating the story or other details about the screenplay of the film as it will simply take away the enjoyment while watching it on your own and what we intended here was to just give you a sneak peak of the story and film details.

If you have watched the Jaanmoni Feature Film or planning to view it, then do drop by the comment section below and share your views with us. We would love to hear from you any feedbacks or review about the film.