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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Logo unveiled - Download Official Logo

Cricket World Cup 2015 is now on the spot light as ICC presented the new and official logo of the great cricket extravaganza which is scheduled to take place after fours years from now. There are a lots of changes involved with the upcoming sports event such as the game schedule and host, playing teams, logos and many other such facts. For now, it is known that the said ICC tournament will be hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand and that there will be only ten participating teams in the said event.

Recently there were a lot of debates about ICC's decision to allow only the top ten test playing nations to play in the World Cup 2015 as many believed that it was not a fair practice because some new teams were doing quite well and was able to upset the big teams by playing some good cricket. On the other hand, it was also expected and supported from different quarters as the inclusion of non test playing small teams had laid a bad impact on the commercial aspects of the game. For instance, the farewell of the present World Champions India from the very first round of the ICC CWC 2007 after Bangladesh beat them on a group match was a real disaster and it took a toll on the commercial benefits of the organizers because of the fact that India and Pakistan are both one of the great cricket loving nations with millions of fans ready to throng the gallery of the stadium to support their respective teams but as both these two big players of the game met with an unexpected exit from the first round itself, it had brought down the interest in most of the people.

Official Logo of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The new logo is a very attractive one and is most likely to be appreciated by everyone. In general, it seems to portray a batsman playing a stroke but Haroon Lorgat who is the Chief Executive of ICC describes it as a dynamic logo that expresses the cultural influences of the both the host of the mega event i.e. Australia and New Zealand.

Resolution: 1619 x 1910 pixels

The above logo is designed in Australia by one of a graphic designing firms which is known as Jumbana Group which was in turn commissioned by another international agency that has its brand name as FutureBrand. Even though it looks beautiful and indicates the so-called dynamism, but you can't expect everyone to accept it as the best and many individuals had commented with negative feedback stating different reasons to unlike it. If we consider some of those comments, then may be we can agree with them to some extent as they are not logically wrong but the bottom line of the fact is that there cannot be same thinking as every human mind can never draw the same conclusion.

Some people seems to dislike the logo by pointing out that it portrays only the batsman and not the other aspects of the game which they think are equally important. The previous CWC 2011 logo had everything included and had beautifully described the bowlers, batsman, players, crowds and even the pitch. It was also one of the very colorful logo that reflected a joyful theme which also represented the three host nations i.e. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The CWC 2015 logo, on the other hand, is reported to be lacking the 'life' as was present on the previous one. It would however be amazing to see it with some movement which would be added when the same is shown on TV or video clips.

There is still a long time for the next cricket world cup to arrive and until then, India will be the champions of the limited-over version of the game. The CWC 2015 will be having Round robin and Knockout formats and there will be ten cricket nations participating in the tournament which are India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, England, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The CWC 2019 will then be hosted in England with same 10 teams which would be playing in the said event.

Did you like the Cricket World Cup 2015 logo? Do share your views and also let us know if there is something you liked the most or disliked in the said logo design.