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How to check Weather Forecast of Assam online through Gtalk Client or Google Chat

Have you ever tried to know the weather forecast of any town or city of Assam through any internet connected computer or a mobile device. If you have tried it before, then it must be that of some weather forecast portals or websites which provides such services for free on the internet. Looking at the current temperature or future prediction of the weather is not a big problem with the technology that is in place today and there are many easy and innovative ways to check all those data as and when it is desired. For instance, the most common way to check such information is to switch on the television set and turn your remote to a news channel or otherwise simply pick up a daily newspaper and have a look at the listing contained therein. But there are occasions when such traditional methods may not be of much convenience as all these sources may not be available at the time when it is required. Also, those sources are updated only once a day and hence you need to wait for the next day to get another update on the weather forecast.

So, for a quick solution to the above mentioned inconveniences one has to look for alternative ways to get the desired output in the least amount of time and effort. It is because of this reason that people now-a-days likes to surf the internet and among all other tasks done on the world wide web, checking the temperature and weather conditions is also one of the common routine for most internet users.

Even though it is convenient for mobile and computer users to access the weather details on the web, it may test your patience if you are having a slower internet connection and you may end up wasting few minutes of your valuable time to load those heavy-graphics designed websites and portals. So, it is necessary to leap a step forward and find out a more interesting and easier method than the ones mentioned above. If you are now thinking as to whether the same is really possible or not, then be informed that it is possible and can be availed in multiple ways among which we can rightfully mention the use of the popular chatting client Gtalk or Google Chat which can now tell you the weather and many other information through its use within a matter of few seconds only.

Gtalk, as we know, is one of the most widely used chatting client which is used all across the globe including the people of Assam too. It is an useful messenger client in comparison to Yahoo, MSN etc. because Google Talk supports lot of platform and also is relatively very fast even on slower internet connection. Now, Google Labs team has introduced another useful service through Gtalk which is to make available a Web Bot named 'Guru' that will be available 24 x 7 to answer all your query related to some of the most important and regularly used topics on the internet. It presently responds to queries related to Weather, Calculation, Currency Conversion, Language Translation, Web Surfing and a Help service.

To use the service, you will need to send an invite to the Guru Web Bot or otherwise click on the following sign-in button to invite yourself on behalf of Guru. To get started, simply click on the green button below or send and invite to the below mentioned Gtalk ID:-

~ Or ~

After adding Guru on Gtalk or Google talk, you can use the following types of query as shown with an example in the table below:-
Guide to use Google Talk Guru - Examples
Query Type Example
Weather Forecast Weather Guwahati
Calculation 50 + 50
Web Surfing Define Bihu
Score Score Arsenal
Translation Translate 'Happy Bihu' to French
Currency Conversion 120 INR to USD
Help Manual Help Score

In this way, you can easily check online the weather condition of any town or city in Assam by using Google Talk and making use of the chat query 'Weather <Place_Name>' in response to which Guru will list the detailed forecast in the form of a reply. For example, when I searched for weather of Dibrugarh using the query string 'Weather Dibrugarh', then Guru responded almost immediately with the following outputs and details:-

Weather: Dibrugarh, Assam, India
26°C, Haze
Wind: N 11 km/h
Hum: 57%
Fri: 21°C-31°C, Rain
Sat: 21°C-31°C, Mostly Sunny
Sun: 22°C-30°C, Mostly Sunny

The above service is not only meant for Assam related information but is available internationally and can be used by anyone who have access to internet and hence can be used to look after any information related to all other places in the world based on the Query Categories listed in the table above. As most of the modern smartphones already comes along with Google Talk client in the form of Nimibuzz and other similar apps, it has become even more easy to access all those regular information and updates even while on the move besides using a computer.