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DY 365 Satellite News Channel of Assam and Northeast - Watch online or preview on TV

DY 365 is a popular and widely viewed satellite TV Channel of Assam and Northeast which is broadcast 24 hours a day continuously and is known to telecast a number of programmes which are based on news, entertainment, current affairs, discussions, cookery, business, sports, lifestyle and many other such categories. It is presented and made available under the banner of BRAHMAPUTRA TELE PRODUCTIONS PVT. LTD. One can also watch DY 365 satellite channel online through any internet connected computer or otherwise opt for viewing it through a television set using cable connection or any compatible dish network.

It was established with the aim to show the true heritage and traditions of the region and also make the masses aware of all the news and information related to the social, political, economical and cultural affairs of the Northeastern states of India. It is committed to provide and deliver unbiased and neutral news and views so that the people of the Assam and Northeast can be highly benefited and remain well versed with the present situation prevailing in this part of the country. It has a very qualified and talented crew members who ensures the proper functioning of the channel so that it can run smoothly and be available all round the clock and telecast all the interesting programmes and shows that it has in store for public preview.

Programmes and Schedules of DY 365 Satellite Channel

As already stated earlier, the DY 365 satellite news channel from Assam covers different types of programmes so as to suffice the requirements of all domains of people and has accordingly managed to provide all of them through a very well-defined list of schedule. It is primarily known to be a news channel which would be featuring detailed news as well as quick headlines at regular intervals and the news reading will be done in multiple languages including Assamese, English, Hindi and Bengali. It has also many programs on schedule which are targeted to entertain the viewers with movies, music and some special shows. It has made arrangements to telecast movies on Sundays at 1300 hrs and other cultural programmes like Xondhiar Gaan, DY Silver Screen on a weekly basis at different times of the day.

Besides general news reading, some other popular items that is available for its viewers are that of DY Diha, Arunoday, Videsh 365, B2B, Uomola Ghar, Chupoti, Crime Report, DY Khowad, Jana Manch, Praikrama, Ranghar 365, Mahanagar 365, Janamancha, Beyond the Debate, DY Prime Time and Ekanta Byoktigot. There are also many special shows which are included in the daily schedule on different occasions according to the demand and interest. The schedule is spread all over the day which starts from 1200hrs with Hindi News and ends at 2330hrs with Bengali News while all others are telecast in between those time intervals throughout the day.

The satellite news channel DY 365 is based on INSAT 4A (C Band) and is broadcast at an operating frequency of 3949 MHz with QPSK modulation. It has a Horizontal modulation and Audio and Video PID of 259 and 257 respectively. The symbol rate is defined as 3.223 and has a TPI transponder with FEC of 3/4.

The administration panel comprises of Mrs. Dipannita Jaiswal as the Managing Director and Mr. Manoj Goswami as the Editor-in-Chief of DY 365. It has its bureau at different places in the Northeast region which includes Dibrugarh, Tezpur, Dhubri, Bongaigaon, Haflong and Manipur. The headquarter is situated in Katabari near to NH 37 of Guwahati and also has a branch office in the national capital Delhi. Mr.Pranjit Saikia is serving as the chief reporter along with Mr. Pranay Bordoloi who is the current Executive Editor of the said 24 x 7 TV Channel from Assam. It has also got one web portal having the same name which also publish articles on various topics related to news and other category of topics about the region. One can easily use the said web portal by visiting www.dy365.in through which an individual can watch the live telecast of DY 365 satellite channel of Assam online through a web browser or otherwise check news headlines, detailed reports, stock market readings, weather forecast of Assam and Northeast and so on.