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Download Sample Question Papers for MBA, BBA, PGDTM CMSDU Entrance Test

The admission season has arrived in Assam and lots of students who are anticipating the results of the various examinations that they have appeared recently are also looking forward for a better opportunity to extend their career to the next level. In this regard, it is understandable that they are having a busy time to look for the admission notifications in colleges, universities and also to prepare themselves for appearing in the competitive entrance examinations which are now-a-days a common mode of selection in any college, institute or university. Recently, we have informed our readers that the CMSDU Entrance Test 2011 for admission to BBA, MBA and PGTDM courses in Centre for Management Studies under Dibrugarh University is announced and we have provided various details regarding it in the previous post. Today we are here to inform you that the sample question papers or the formats for BBA, MBA and PGDTM entrance examinations conducted by CMSDU is available for download and the same is facilitated by the Centre for Management Studies to all the interested applicants which would definitely be helpful for them to have an insight of what types of questions are asked.

Preparation for final examinations of any degree or other courses is completely different than that of preparing for competitive entrance test and hence it needs some special attention and a strategic approach. This is because the type of questions asked in such entrance test is hypothetical based and most of them are short multiple choice questions which tests the concept and practical understanding on various topics or subjects. Comparatively, it contains more number of questions in terms of the time allotted and hence one needs to be very prompt while answering to the questions asked for in the said test.

In order to provide a scope for understanding the pattern of the CMSDU entrance test conducted by Dibrugarh University, Centre for Management Studies has made available one sample question set which reflects a rough idea of how the paper is being presented and what types of questions are generally present in such test. It is therefore one very good resource that is made available and the students can really be benefited while preparing for the exam. You can download the sample question papers of Dibrugarh University MBA, BBA, PGDTM entrance exam from the links as mentioned in the table given below:-

Download Links provided by CMS DU Official Website
MBA Entrance Question Papers (CMSDU Test 2011) PDF@462KB
BBA Entrance Sample Papers (CMSDU Test 2011) PDF@402KB
PGDTM Entrance Question Bank (CMSDU Test 2011) PDF@316KB

It is to be noted here that the download links of the sample question papers of the above mentioned entrance test are provided in the official website of the Centre For Management Studies (Dibrugarh University) and we have provided them only to make you aware that they exists. We recommend our readers to also check their official site which can be found at ( and avail all other informations that it serves for the convenience of the students.