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Download Rangali (Bohag) Bihu Wallpaper, SMS Wishes, Assamese Quotes and Greetings

In one of our recent post, we have already gave you some samples of widely circulated and popular Bohag Bihu SMS Wishes and Quotes for all the people to make use of in this Rangali Bihu 2011 Celebration and accordingly wish their friends, relatives and all their well wishers with those heart felt words of Bihu greetings. Today, we are here with another small collection of similar stuff for all those folks who want some more and you can use them to greet all your near and dear ones in this festival season that is observed in Assam. It is also an important occasion because it brings-in the Assamese New Year and hence making it something very very special for all the people of the state and those citizens of Assam who are now residing abroad or some other places within the country itself.

These traditions will continue year after year and one cannot imagine an end to it and day-by-day the people are devising more innovative ways to portray their deep love for the festival and in turn express their own ways to show it off and enjoy their time. Those using computers and internet would definitely look forward to have and download Bihu wallpapers, ringtones, mobile hello tunes, Assamese Bihu Quotes, bihu video albums, songs and any other item that one can think of or imagine.

While we too are busy with our own schedule and enjoying our time with friends and families, we are however always concerned to consider our readers expectations and this is what we have managed for you guys today and hope you would love to have them from us. There are five more SMS Wishes listed below which you can use for your own purpose or even download the Rangali Bihu 2011 Wallpaper [2560 x 1600 pixels] that was contributed by one of our loyal readers to share it with all others who are interested to have it on their computer. So, although not a very big collection of stuff with regards to this big festival but we have taken our time to compile and prepare it for you and the same can be found below for your usage:-

Download Rangali Bihu Windows Wallpaper

New Rangali (Bohag) Bihu SMS Quotes & Greetings

Kopou Fulil, Togor Fulil Bakhontor Hubah Loi - Kuli-Ketekiye Geet Jurile Bohagor Botora Loi. Bihur Hiya Bhora Hubhessare "HAPPY RONGALI BIHU"

Rongali Bihur Huva Kamanare, Natun Bosoror Pratitu Puwai Kodhiai Anok Haanti Aru Homridhi. Tarei Kamonare - Wish you a Happy Bohag Bihu.

Bakhantor Agomonot, Kulir Matot, Dhular Sapere, Pepar Laharere, Kopou Phoolar Hugandhere - Jiban 'Rangali' Hoi Porok. Happy Rangali Bihu.

Kuhipate Hojale Dhoroni, Aakakhe Lole Meghor Uroni, Meghor Maaje Maaje Rodor Tirbironi, Aiyai Je Bohagor Agomoni - Rangali Bihu Aru Asomiya Notun Bosoror Hiya Bhora Ulog Jonalu.

Dhulor Sewe-Sewe, Nasunor Taale-Taale, Bihu Gitor Hure-Hure, Jibon Rangali Hoi Pora Kamonare - Hokoluke Bohag Bihur Ulog Jonalu

We hope the above items would suffice your requirements to some extent and at the same time we would also like to request you to share your own thoughts and messages with all other users and people of Assam through the comment form below. We would be delighted to see your feedbacks and suggestions and all your valuable words in the form of comments. We would also like to wish everyone a very Happy Rangali Bihu and also a prosperous Assamese New Year on behalf of the entire editorial team of Assam Journal.