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Borokhunor Dinbur - Romantic Assamese Video (VCD) Film by Jinny Mahalia

Borokhunor Dinbur (a.k.a Boroxunor Dinbur) is a new assamese video album that was released in Assam during the occasion of the Rangali Bihu festival season and the same is said to be a story from a poet and directed by a choreographer. It is one of the romantic VCD movie which is presented and brought to you by the production house known as N.S. Production. The title of this film which means 'Days of the Rain' is about a story which involves a romantic relationship between Shillong based singer Albert and model Nibir who falls in love, gets married and also becomes separated due to various incidents in their life and the story later unfolds with a heart-touching climax.

The video film album Borokhunor Dinbur is being directed by the popular choreographer Jinny Mahalia (also known as Jini Mahalia) who is working as a film director for the first time in his career with this debut VCD movie. The screenplay is provided by Mr.Pranab Kumar Barman who has composed a nice script and the director Jini has executed it exceptionally well and is believed to be able to satisfy the viewers with a good show. Moreover, the shooting of the various scenes which is done on some of the most beautiful locations in Shillong and Cherrapunji is a delight to watch. This sweet love story that is pictured on the scenic location of Northeast also includes many other elements of entertainment such as comedy which is kept within the timeline of the said film at regular intervals without introducing it more often and unnecessarily.

The music of the said video album is one of its most prominent part and the reason behind this can be well attributed to Palash Gogoi and Manas Hazarika who have both done some splendid job together with cameraman Krishna Shah to bring forth some tuneful and melodious song titles such as 'Moromor Thikona..' and so on. Popular assamese singer Dikshu has lent his voice to most of songs and the various artist who starred in this assamese video film are Kapil Bora, Nibir Swapnam Shivam, Bhargav Kataky, Hiranya Deka, Shasanka Sameer, Manoj Gogoi, Pankaj Sharma including child-artiste Ritwik Raag and the special appearance by Arpana Dutta Choudhury who has played the character and role of a nurse in Borokhunar Dinbur - Days of the Rain.

So if you are planning to watch some good assamese Video CD Films or movies on this weekend, you may consider watching this VCD on the small screen which Jini Mahalia has skillfully directed and captured in some beautiful locations so as to provide a heart touching sweet romantic drama for all the viewers to enjoy and get themselves entertained. The MP3 songs and video clips of Borokhunar Dinbur may be found for download and live streaming in many of the Assamese Music file repositories and download portals which are easily available across the world wide web and many other wap sites.