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Online Bismoi - The popular Assamese Monthly Magazine published from Guwahati

Bismoi is an Assamese magazine which have been existing since a long time and has succeeded in keeping the minds of the people occupied with lots of interesting and informative facts and knowledge base that it covers. Earlier it was publishing mostly all sorts of scary ghost stories but later revamped its theme to include a wide varieties of news and views, articles and stories featuring the different topics on entertainment, movies, politics, current affairs, fashion, career, economy and many more. It is said to be one of the few published magazines in Assam which has been continuing since 40 years or more and this statistics itself indicates the popularity of Bismoi among the readers.

It is a monthly assamese magazine which also comes in an internet edition that can be accessible through the official website of Bismoi. The online Bismoi is the replica of the printed version and contains the scanned copy of all the contents which are published in the paper form and also can be availed via the subscription copy that it offers. The various sections included therein are named as Pratham Pristha, Bibidha, Galpa, Priya Bandhu, Upanyas, Suti Galpa, Raakhiphal and Cartoon. The Priyabandhu section is considered one of the most popular part of this magazine in which people from all corners of the state introduces themselves by mentioning their identity and contact information for the purpose of making pen friends.

It is published every month from the state capital of Assam i.e. Guwahati and the editor of Bismoi is known to be Shashi Phukan who is also an author of many short stories. The online version is however not very stable on various occasions and the desired page sometimes fails to appear while accessing its top level domain. This however seems to be a temporary glitch in the site configuration in the webhosting server and we can expect them to correct it at the earliest so that all the people and loyal readers can go through the online copy of the same. The last issue that was released on their online website at the time of penning down this post was that of the January 2011 which was the first issue of the 43rd year.

If you are looking for the communication address or contact information of Bismoi, you can go through the data listed below:-

Bismoi Prakash, Rajgarh Main Road,
House No. 83, Guwahati - 781003, Assam (India),
Phone: (0361) 2467725,
Website :