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Basant Melody - Fusion Music Concert in Jorhat (Assam) organized by Rotary Club

Basant Melody, a musical concert is scheduled to be held at Jorhat (Assam) on the 30th day of April, 2011. It is a fusion musical evening which is being arranged and organized by Rotary Club of Jorhat and noted artists like Ambarish Das from the Navarasa group of Calcutta will be performing in the said event. They will be using various types of instruments such as sitar, saxophone, tabla, keyboards and so on to entertain the audience with classical music and also to serve its purpose of creating awareness against many social evils such as eradication of polio and other such humanitarian issues. The revenue generated through the sale of tickets would be hence used for the social services and for extending helping hand to the diseased people.

Rotary Club is known for their great efforts to serve the people and has always committed themselves towards contributing for noble cause for upliftment of the society. Some of their key activities in the city includes providing donations to orphan houses and spastic society, erecting public rest sheds and toilets and contributing medical items to Christian Medical Centre and so on.

The cost of the tickets for the Basant Melody Concert will have varying prices and will be ranging from Rs.300 up to Rs.5000 in maximum. The event is said to be held at District Library of the Jorhat City and they have great expectations from the people to support them in their efforts to fight diseases and create awareness among the people. The ex-president of Rotary Club Mr.Brijesh Poddar has stated that the amount that will be collected through this musical concert should be well enough to support few medical centers and buy them necessary life-saving equipments and other components such as Oxygen Cylinders etc. He further added that the remaining funds would be utilized in conducting awareness camps throughout the state to combat polio concerns.

The artist who are taking part in this event are Partha Bose who plays the sitar, saxophone player Michael Banerjee, tabla artist Subrata Manna and Pulak Sarkar who would be handling the keyboard. Ambarish Das would be performing as the vocalist and all of them belongs to the same music group from Calcutta known as the Navarasa Group and would be performing together once again in Jorhat (Assam) for the said Basant Melody 2011 event.