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Assamese Magazine Prantik - Read Online Information about the Fortnightly Magazine

Assamese Magazine Prantik is one among the few fortnightly publications in Assam that has been able to occupy a larger subscriber base and in turn also to collect appreciations from its readers consistently since the last 30 years of its existence. It has been one of the most recommended magazine which covers many high class articles and columns contributed by some of the noted littérateur, novelist as well as journalists and other qualified authors. Prantik was first unveiled on December month of 1981 by Late Dr Bhabendranath Saikia - who also shares the popularity of being one of the leading filmmaker and novelist of Assam having won many honorary awards such as Sahitya Academy and Padma Shri to mention a few. It was this man who has paved the way for Prantik to capture the attention of all the readers of the region and as such is also one of the primary factor which helped it to gain immense popularity and wider acceptance from thousands of regular subscribers present in the state.

One can find many regular categories of columns in this Assamese Magazine called Prantik and some of them can be mentioned as that of Hompadakia, Dharavahik Upanyakh, Hekhpristha, Golpo and also many other special columns that are being added for time to time. There is also a number of other topics which are discussed now-a-days and they range from art & culture, agriculture, current affairs, film & drama and so on. It is known to educate the readers with many informative and thought provoking articles including some popular assamese novels and stories which by virtue of its own merit has been able to keep the readers occupied and make them enthusiastically wait for every new edition to follow. Many popular literary personalities like Late Parag Das (Journalist) and Phanindra Kumar Deva Choudhury (Novelist) has remained a part of this magazine and has contributed with their creative writing.

There is also a scope of contributing articles in Prantik and many people of the state particularly those of the youths is seen to be interested and as such has passionately contributed many self composed and well written resources to be published in the said assamese magazine. Pradeep Baruah is serving as the editor of Prantik which is published after every 15 days from the capital city of Assam i.e. Guwahati. At present, the subscriber count is believed to be over 25K consistently over the period which in itself indicates its success.

It is also known for its own principles of serving the readers interest more than that of monetary gains or profits and the fact that the said assamese magazine is announced to be free from commercial advertisement is one standing example in this regard. So with all the prolific contributors who are always at hand to enlighten the people of the region with meaningful and rich content, Prantik would always be an invaluable part of the readers in this part of the world and even though it has denied commercial advertisements, we can still expect that the said magazine would be able to sustain in the long run with the support of all its well wishers, regular subscribers and loyal readers. Finally, if you wondering how to read assamese magazine Prantik online or whether any online version of Prantik exists or not, then be informed that the same is not officially facilitated and we are yet to have such a feature to be available for online access.