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Assam Assembly Election 2011 Results - Check Online Results of Assam Election 2011

The two phase State Assembly Election 2011 in Assam has recently concluded and the fate of all the candidates contesting in about 126 Legislative Assembly Constituencies now remained sealed in the strong room which is to be opened on 13th May, 2011 for the counting of votes. As such, the results of Assam Election 2011 are also expected to be announced accordingly when the said counting session completes under the supervision of Chief Electoral Officer/District Election Officer/Returning Officer in various centers of the respective LACs. As the polling was conducted with the use of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), the results can be expected to be out within the second half of the day and may not be too tedious or a lengthy procedure.

Apart from a few issues of violence or mischief, the polling on the both the phases were conducted peacefully and thereby also recording the maximum polling percentage amounting to 73.11% in First Phase and 78.60% in Second Phase with a total percentage of 76.03 in both the phases of the general election in Assam. The approximate time left for declaring the results can be found below which is only meant for considering as an indicative value and does not reflect the precise time as the same cannot be ascertained beforehand.

Even before the results are out, the political parties and the contesting candidates were seen busy with calculating the probable results and trying to figure out their prospects of winning the seats in the Assembly. Almost all the leading political parties in Assam such as Congress, BJP and AGP were full of confidence and each of the parties claimed to win the majority and form the government. Not only them, even the citizens of the state were all found to be very interested in knowing the results and also the higher polling percentage in this season proved a lot of enthusiasm among the people of Assam about their responsibilities as a true citizen.

If you are wondering as to how to check online Assam Election 2011 Results and latest counting updates, you can visit the official web portal of Election Commission of India (Results) on 13.05.2011 at and check the outcomes of the general election in Assam therefrom which also allows the user to filter the output page according to various categories like Statewise, Partywise or Constituencywise Results.

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