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Asomiya Pratidin e-Paper - Read online the most popular Assamese Newspaper of Assam

Asomiya Pratidin is one of the best and widely acclaimed Assamese newspaper which has been able to retain its successful trend over so many years till now. It has got a large number of subscriber base in the region and most of them have always preferred it than any other news publications because of its timely news report and also the way they present the news and articles which is considered quite interesting and very comfortable to go through. The Asomiya Pratidin ePaper is the online version of the printed paper edition which like every other newspaper provides scanned snapshots of the daily issues or to be more precise it is the replica of the original paper published edition.

The e-Paper is available for all those folks who do not have time or convenience to purchase and read the printed version and hence offers a good opportunity for them to read the Asomiya Pratidin online by making use of their internet connection either through a computer or portable mobile device. The interface of this Assamese e-Newspaper is powered by Pressmart which is a service provider that facilitates software and scripts for digital and mobile publishing.

Access to online edition of Asomiya Pratidin is made available to all visitors but unlike other e-papers, it requires the user to signup so as to avail the features like reading detailed news report by zooming each relevant section of the paper and so on. This is one of the worst arrangements being made and may not be appreciable as even though it is free, most of the people would simply move away and seek for alternative sources which offers much advanced features without requiring any annoying registration. Moreover, according to a note given in the signup page the permission to access the service or approval to the request is not guaranteed and will depend on their decision based on the user information that they received.

So, even when this is a free subscription of Assamese newspaper 'Asomiya Pratidin' it does not tend to be true in practical sense. But being a newspaper of such repute, one can simply consider such a strict approach as they have already registered some good authority in the market and the credit cannot be taken off due to such small issues.

Therefore, if you are interested in using their online service we would recommend that you go ahead and try out your luck by submitting the signup form for which they will respond by either giving you the desired access when approved or reject the application at their sole discretion and in case of disapproval the reason may or may not be disclosed to you.

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