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Amar Asom Internet Edition - Online Daily Assamese Newspaper or e-Paper

Amar Asom (also pronounced as Aamar Asom) is one among the most popular and widely read Assamese daily newspaper which is available in both paper and internet edition. It is a regional newspaper in Assamese language which is published by GL Publications Ltd. It covers a wide range of news and articles from various places and in different topics and thereby provides a snapshot and detailed information of all the current affairs, events, and news on a day-to-day basis. It is published simultaneously from two big cities in Assam namely Guwahati and Jorhat and is distributed throughout the state.

It usually consist of around 12 pages in average of which there are special sections which are categorized accordingly like that of Regional news, Editorial section, International news, Sports and various other topics. There is an additional tabloid being released every Sunday which is named as Purbachol and comes as a free addition to the paper version of the said newspaper.

The internet version of the Amar Asom or what can be called as an e-paper facilitates easy access to the complete newspaper and is presented with the same contents as that of its paper version. This Assamese e-paper is powered by .NET technology and provides good navigational features such that you can easily move around the various pages through either the numbered page navigation or the page thumbnails provided therein. If you want to read the detailed news report contained within the Amar Asom e-paper, then the only thing you will need to do is to click on that part of the news which will immediately open the news in a separate window with proper zoom level which is distinct and clear for comfortable reading.

It also features an archive of all previous edition of the said newspaper and hence makes it convenient for people to check any news of previous date. This helps a lot because it is not easy to get the old newspaper if it is required for any purpose and hence maintaining an archive of all previously dated newspaper edition of Amar Asom is obviously a good feature being provided.

The ex-president of Assam Sahitya Sabha namely Dr. Homen Borgohain is the editor-in-chief of the said assamese newspaper and is therefore one of the many reasons of holding popularity in the state as his columns are widely read and admired by the people. He has remained one of the noted journalist and author since many years and has contributed a lot to Assamese literature and therefore his presence in the administration has definitely left some positive impact.

The contact details of Aamar Asom can be found below which represents the the main Guwahati branch or headquarter of the same.

Amar Asom, GL Publications Ltd.,
G.S. Road, Ulubari, Guwahati - 781007,
Pin - 781007, Assam, India.
Phone: (0361)2521466/47, Fax: (0361) 2521664

In addition to the above, it has also branch offices in some other places such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong and Jorhat. You can subscribe for the paper edition easily within the state by paying Rs.4 per copy or opting for a monthly subscription. The internet edition of the same is however made available free of cost as it derives its fund by participating in various online revenue generation programs like Google AdSense as visible in their site.