Aircel 3G in Assam launched - Now available only in Guwahati, other places coming soon | Assam Journal

Aircel 3G in Assam launched - Now available only in Guwahati, other places coming soon

Aircel 3G in Assam is available and one can go ahead and switch over to 3G from their existing 2G connection so as to avail high speed data connectivity and also utilize other high-end features like video calling, multimedia downloads, live TV and so on. However, as of now the said 3G service is made available only within the Guwahati city which is the capital of the state of Assam. With the launch of 3G service in most other states of India by various mobile operators, the people of Assam were also expecting similar response in this region but so far there is not much progress in this regard and only BSNL and Aircel remains as the available option for the mobile subscribers here.

Aircel has been one of the popular GSM operator in the region and they have been offering good service and attractive offers since its inception and the latest one among them is the introduction of the 3rd generation mobile telecommunication standards. The data tariff plans are not very convenient as would be expected but overall it is considerable with the present situation when all mobile operators across the country are charging at similar rates. It includes many features such as Pocket Video, Pocket Internet (3G), Video Calling, Pocket Finder, Pocket Learning and Pocket Games. It will allow one to avail high speed internet access, video conferencing, high definition gaming, upload and download of larger size files easily and streaming TV broadcast quite efficiently.

You can upgrade your existing 2G connection and subscribe to it by just typing 'START 3G' or 'TRY 3G' without the quotes and sending it to 121. You will ofcourse need a 3G compatible mobile handset in order to use its features which is not a big problem as most of the smartphones and mobile handsets today are compatible to this 3rd generation mobile technology. You can check your phone manuals or SMS 'Check 3G' to 121 from any Aircel SIM to know whether your phone is 3G capable or not.

Recently, we have reported that Airtel 3G is coming soon in Assam and hence we can expect some stiff competition among these big players in the telecom industry which would be in turn beneficial to the mobile subscribers of the region because it will make them bound to raise their standards of service and also cut down the cost and tariff plans to establish itself in the state and do some good business over here.