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SatGuide Child Phone Launched in Assam (India) - Price and Features

SatNav Technologies which is popular for their innovative and reliable navigation based Global Positioning System (GPS) products and services in India has rolled out a new child phone in Assam which is known as SatGuide Child Phone. It is known to be one of the first product of its kind to be launched in the state and accordingly looks very promising to be widely acclaimed by the the people. This utility phone is very handy for the concerned parents who are always insecure about the safety of their child while being outdoors. It is also one of the best alternative to a regular cellular phone to be used by a child as there are many chances that it would be misused and hence having a phone particularly designed for the growing kids is a great solution in this regard to address all the issues associated with the use of such gadgets at a tender age.

The SatGuide Child Phone facilitates incoming and outgoing calls only to the predefined parents phone number and thus prevents any unauthorized calls to be made or received by the child. There is also a built-in SOS button which can be used by the child to notify their parents in case they are in trouble or danger which will in turn trigger an alert to be sent to the authorized number and inform them instantly about the posing issue. There is also a Geo-Fence feature which can be activated by the concerned parents to restrict their children using a virtual fencing that will notify the parents whenever the phone goes out of the permitted area. It even makes it possible to track them on a map through online login provided with it. Additionally, it also allows the parents to listen to whatever is happening in the environment where the kid is located by making a discrete call and monitoring the sounds.

The size of the phone is perfect for small hands making it easy to carry along and to have firm grip. Technically, some of the key specification includes Tri-band operational frequency at 850/1800/1900MHz and GPRS Class-10 for data connectivity. The GPS receiver which is included is of type SIRF Star III that provides accurate and faster results while in use. The standby time of the Child Phone ranges from 50hrs to 150hrs depending on the usage and reporting duration.

SatGuide Child Phone is introduced in Assam (India) at a cost of Rs. 5,999/- and comes with free one month subscription cost to start with. It will however require one to subscribe for the tracker service by paying Rs.499/- per annum. It will be henceforth available at some of the leading electronics stores or retailers within the State and also other places throughout the country.

**Source of Information: Press Release