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Poley Poley Ure Mon - New big budget Assamese Feature Film launch postponed

Poley Poley Ure Mon is the new and one of the most anticipated Assamese Feature Film that was scheduled for release on 18th day of March 2011 but was later postponed for unknown reasons. It must be noted here that this film is one of the most big budget movie and is accordingly also planned to be made available in Hindi dubbing too where its name stands as 'Pal Pal Doley Mann'.

This assamese movie is being directed by Timothi Das Hanse and is being presented under the banner of Hills Motion Pictures Association of Diphu. The producers of the said feature film are Phukan Konwar, Purnananda Gogoi and Beauty Barua. The story is based on multiple key concepts of the present day world which can be mentioned as a mixed drama of social, political, romance, action and tragic realities in a persons life. The film also lays down a special focus on the role played by child artists.

Music of Poley Poley Ure Mon

The music of the said movie was already released a couple of months back which can more precisely be mentioned as 16th January of the current year. It has since then managed to be popular among the listeners and thereby create some impact in the minds of music lovers who have been noted to render a positive feedback. The music is directed by Biman Barua, Arup Dutta and Timothi Das Hanse. The singers who had been in action in this film are Zubeen Garg, Shaan, Adnan Sami, Alka Yagnik, Subasana Dutta, Parineeta and Asthajita. The music album of this film also includes the evergreen song of Dr.Bhupen Hazarika namely 'Manuhe manuhor babe..' which is one of his most popular music titles that he delivered during his golden career.

You can download Poley Poley Ure Mon MP3 songs or video clips from many different repositories like GuwahatiLive and Youtube which had listed the various songs and videos for online steaming and downloading.

Film Star Cast and Crew Members

Poley Poley Ure Mon is a big budget feature film in Assamese and also a multi-starer where some of the noted actors and actress of Assam Film Industry has registered their presence. Here, we can mention the name of Gayatri Mahanta, Barsharani Bishaya, Rimpi Das, Malaya Goswami, Madhurima Choudhury, Nipon Goswami, Hiranya Deka, Jeet Sharma, Arun Hazarika, Arun Nath, Dinesh Das, Deba Bora, Hanse and child artiste Asthajita. In case of the Hindi version, noted artist like Raja Murad, Puspa Verma and Tarun Arora has casted in the lead roles of Pal Pal Doley Mann. The film is made in 35mm CinemaScope and Dolby Sound where Sivanan Barua contributed as cinematographer and Debankar Borgohain as the lead editor.

To conclude here, even though the release is postponed for few more days but Poley Poley Ure Mon will still remain on the limelight and considering the fact that it includes some of the most talented artist in the star cast of the film, we can expect some good entertainment out of it and hopefully it will succeed to meet the satisfaction of the audience when the same will be made available for public preview.